Do you wash the top of tin cans before opening?

I never did most of my life. Few years ago someone pointed it out to me. Now I always do.

Nope. Haven’t died yet.


I rinse or wipe them off if they’ve sat in my makeshift pantry area long enough for dust to have accumulated there. Otherwise, no. If you’re worried about germs from whoever handled them in the supermarket (they’d have to be extraordinarily long-lived germs), well, those folks touched the sides, not the tops, and unless you used gloves when you unpacked your groceries, you’ve already touched the “cooties”. It would make more sense to clean the can opener’s blade after using it than the top of the unopened can.


Yup, and I toss the can opener in the dishwasher after using it. I’m not afraid of “cooties” as much as I don’t want dust in my food. We don’t eat much canned food so things may sit in the cabinet for a long time before they get used.

Nope . Not even cans of beer .

Never thought about it until now.

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My few cans of food live in the basement. Dust happens down there, so I wipe the tops before opening. Doesn’t the can opener rust in the dishwasher?

Wash, no, not unless they’re really gritty. Wipe, yes, always.

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Always. My Mother always did so I picked up the habit. Plus I’ve worked in grocery stores. Mice get in the freight doors and nest in the darnedest places. The seem to have an affinity for pasta for some reason…anyhow- seen too much not to wash them before opening.

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Nope, the can opener is at least a dozen years old and is fine.

I will give this a try. What can I loose? How much can a new can opener cost anyhow?

More like a cursory wipe on my shirt or jeans just in case. I do rinse the can opener, they get crusty and nasty otherwise.

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Just a quick run under the tap, so more of a rinse.

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Yes. Always.

No. It has never occured to me to consider doing so until this thread. And, no, I won’t be starting.


A quick rinse, wipe off then put it in the cupboard.

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Dust is different. Yes, I wipe that off if it’s there. But always washing/wiping the tops of cans? Nope.

Not unless there is obvious dust/dirt. I do sometimes rinse (or wash if necessary) the can opener.

Maybe you should get a check up just to make sure.

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I use to play a game called “let’s touch cooties” as a kid.