Do You Wash Rice…

…and what part of the world are you in?


Northwest England.

Depends on the rice. Medium grain: yes. Sushi: no.


I wash basmati, jasmine and brown rice, and some other imported rices.

This is how rice is dried. Since they are just lying on the ground, I give it a quick rinse. Given the heavy metal concerns, I will probably give it a couple of rinses now.

I am on the west coast US.



I had been buying Lundberg and other California rices because I understand it had less heavy metals than some other rices.

Years ago I ate their brown basmati rice regularly, albeit grudgingly. Not sure why but the rice just doesn’t have the fragrance that their Indian counterpart has. Eventually shifted to eating other brands…

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Depends what I’m doing.

For Asian dishes, yes with the Jasmine rice and sushi rice. Without washing, the rice has a smell that I don’t like after cooking. Glutinous rice you need to soak overnight before steaming, so yes for washing.

For risotto, no rinse, I need the extra starch on the surface of Arborio for creamy aspect of the dish.

Live in France.

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Basmati and Jasmine rices I will soak for a half hour and then strain/rinse. I find there is a marked difference when I do this.

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If you gew up in a traditional East Asian household, I would be close to 100% certain you wash or rinse your rice. This is what I was certainly taught by my parents. As @naf mentioned, there is a distinct smell to unrinsed rice when cooked.


I’ve begun not only rinsing, but soaking brown rice in water for around 20 minutes. Then I rinse. This has resulted in firmer grains, which I prefer over fluffy ones.

Sometimes. If I don’t I just set the cooker appropriately.

No, mostly, because it never turns out when I do, it seems too wet. This applies to Jasmine, Calrose and Basmati white rices. My SIL makes great rinsed white Calrose. I just have a basic rice cooker, so don’t know if that’s the issue. Will start rinsing the brown basmati I like due to the arsenic/metal issues and will see if I like that. Although I love rice, don’t eat much of it these days, sadly…

Washington State, USA

I wash.
USA West Coast

Terroir. Aging.

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Extend to South Asian and likely middle eastern as well. Traditional rice growing and eating cultures.