Do you wash off white fuzz from berries?

Whenever my berries develop a white fuzz (is it mold?), I throw them out. Today, I took out my $5 pint of local blackberries and to my horror, some had developed white fuzz. One berry was covered in it, so I threw out that one out. I washed the fuzz off the rest and ate them. I’m curious to know what others do.

How did the washed ones taste?

Tasted perfectly fine. Tart and sweet. The texture was good, too.

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Nice! Berries are so soft I figured they’d be hard to wash off, glad you could save some. I’d do the same, pick out the bad ones and rinse but if there was any residual mold flavor I’d toss them.

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The white fuzz is, almost certainly, mould. I’d toss the berries that have any signs of it and give the rest a very good wash.


I do the same as @Harters. I’m extremely sensitive to the taste of mold, and can sometimes taste it before I see it. But I do look inside of berries too, to see if there’s hidden mold in there.

I found a forgotten, unopened clamshell of blueberries at the back of the fridge. 75% moldy. Because I have a “magic house” :wink: , I picked out the apparently unaffected ones and ate them without rinsing. They tasted fine and as of a day later, I haven’t experienced any ill effects. Perhaps I’ll die sooner because some organ or other doesn’t tolerate mold, or perhaps I’ll live to 100 because periodic challenges tune up my immune system. (With an increasingly hotter planet, I think I prefer the former.)

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold