Do you wash frozen cranberries?

During November, I grab tons of cranberries and throw them in the freezer. I always rinse them before using. It does get kind of annoying. It seems like many bloggers just use them straight out of the freezer without rinsing. What do you do?

Wouldn’t it be easier to wash them in bulk when you buy them, dry them thoroughly, and then freeze?



I don’t wash mine …

I can’t comment on cranberries but for raspberries I don’t wash them. I am still alive :slight_smile: I’m referring to ones that I pick.

If you’re cooking them, I cant see having to wash them first…especially if they look clean to begin with. I do know people that harvest them from the “bogs”, not sure how dirty they are in that situation.

I give them a quick rinse, just like I do with fresh. It rinses off any dust or other detritus from the packing and shipping processes (the bags have ventilation holes in them, so stuff can get in), and gives me the chance to pick out any that have gone brown or soft

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No rinsing usually. Often the frozen fruit is going right in the blender