Do you use your Broiler?

NYT article about the broiler reminded me of a friend’s recent surprise when I pulled something out of there - he did not realize you could “cook in that” thought it was just a storage drawer.

I always use it for fish and sometimes to brown or crisp something up but rarely to cook a whole meal - and like the author I do remember some DRY chops as a kid.

I think it sort of freaks people out to use the broiler and also it is down on the bottom out of sight and hard to reach on most home stoves. The old fashioned double oven stove we had as a kid one side was a broiler if I remember correctly.

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I rarely use the broiler function, but I have used it occasionally to brown the top of my pastry/dessert. Or if I am told (by my cookbook) to use the broiler.

uhmmmm, some differences apply. ye olde’ gas ovens had broilers below.

ye modern electrics have coils above.

ye space age electronic electrics put the broiler coils on a thermostat - say whot?? yeah, that’s my reaction . . .

to use my electric oven broiler I have to wad up & position a chunk of aluminum foil to push in the switch - making the electronics think the door is closed - while holding the door open so the heat escapes and the coils stay lit.

finally, a use for those toaster tongs… holds the foil wad without blistering me fangers…

Yes, all the time. It is my preferred method for toasting bagels (which I know people have strong feelings about, but that’s a different thread) and bruschetta. It is also the way I brown the tops of certain casserole-type dishes if they didn’t cook quite correctly (baked rice, parmigiana, sweet potato marshmallow, etc), and I’ve also used it (very carefully) to crisp up the tops of foods like baked clams and and chicken skin. I would never use it to cook a steak or chop from raw, or put something as delicate as fish filet under it, for example.

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I use mine every Tuesday for Taco Tuesday. Maybe I should say “tostada Tuesday” but it doesn’t really roll off the tongue. It’s my late night at work and when I get home, I put a sheet pan’s worth of corn tortillas under the broiler with black beans and cheese sprinkled on top. While the cheese is melting, I whip up a cabbage slaw or a guacamole or defrost some rotisserie chicken shredded from a prior meal. Scrambled egg tacos are also a standby- don’t judge. Kid-approved dinner in 10 minutes!

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Hi ZwiebelHash, I’ve read that some people use a magnet to hold the switch down.

Most definitely… for finishing off a home made pizza, crisping up a ham, adding color and texture to a roasted chicken,browning the tops of Shepard’s pies,mac and cheese, big honking pieces of meat…the list goes on.

Yes, all the time. Most gratins get the treatment, and it’s the only way I can get my pizza steel above 550F.

My solid-fuel stove doesn’t have any such function, but I use a gridiron for that.

I generally use it when I want molten cheese–parms, pizzas, french onion soup. I don’t generally use it for cooking so much as finishing.

An easily accessible (top of oven, not separate compartment), screaming hot broiler is so important. I get really bothered when some ovens don’t have it built in to the top.

I only recently discovered that my broiler has three settings (low, medium and high). I use it once in awhile – for melting cheese on top of onion soup, for toasting bagels, for giving a crispy top to a potato kugel. When I read that article in the Times I thought I should consider using it more and maybe I will.


Most recently with two boneless (but skin on) chicken breasts.

I used a oil spray, (PAM), on a foil lined baking sheet and put the breasts on skin side up after liberally applying s&p to both sides including under the skin. Baked until done, (167’). Added some homemade chipotle bbq sauce under the skin and popped under the broiler to crisp it up. Served with pinto beans and fried okra.

I do fish under the broiler fairly often as well.

(With butter.)

What kind of lure do you use? :wink:


We call it a grill in the UK. And, yes, it’s used several days of the week - chops, bacon, sausages, chicken breasts, some fish - that sort of thing.

Our cooker has a double oven and the grill is located in the small top one ()which is almost never used as an oven)

Just that come hither look I’m so famous for!

We have two electric ovens, one with a broiler feature. I use it for everything from toasting bread, to finishing off a frittata, to crisping the topping on casseroles. I love my broiler! There are two settings–low or high. I’ve never used the low.

Gas stove has a variable temp infra red broiler which gets very hot but we pretty much only use it to toast rolls, melt cheese and such. Heavy cooking that spatters and smokes gets done outside on the gas grill or the BGE.

my oven has the broiler on top and, yes, i use it all the time. i think lots of home cooks are scared of very high heat.

Just catching this thread now. Our oven broiler is the top 3rd of the entire unit and I which it was a bit roomier (height) so I could use it more often. I do use the warming function in that space more. Otoh, our toaster oven, which is very tall, I use for the broiler function all the time.

My broiler is at the top of my gas oven. Has high and low settings. I use it frequently for steaks, chops, fish, some vegetables, browning anything that needs it. I probably use the broiler as much if not more than the baking setting.

There is a storage drawer where the bottom broiler of the past was located.