Do you Think Cranberries Would Work with this Recipe


I’ve slowly been getting more into cooking lately. I want to do a nice breakfast for my wife as well as my sister this weekend (sister lives alone) and I was originally looking at French toast with a cranberry sauce but I’m wondering if the recipe below would work if I added cranberries to the cooked sauce.

@m2244, IMO, it would probably taste ok, but look a little weird, i.e. pink.
I’d make a separate cranberry sauce, tasting to make sure it’s to your preferred sweetness, put a pool of it on the plate, and serve the French toast over that. A little orange or tangerine peel in the cranberries would be nice too.

ETA: proceed with the cinnamon sauce as directed, think it would be real tasty with the other elements in the recipe.


Hi! I looked at the recipe you linked to and would definitely not try adding cranberries to that cinnamon sauce. You’d use the La Lechera product when you want something sweet, dairy-tasting, and perhaps caramel-like—think of flan. To my palate, cranberries are too tart to play nicely with that concentrated dairy flavor profile.

What kind of cranberries do you have?

If fresh, you might want to make a separate cranberry sauce with citrus in it as @Lambchop suggests. Serve that on the side so your guests can add an amount to their liking.

If you have dried cranberries (aka Craisins), consider chopping them up, maybe with walnuts, for a granola sort of topping on your finished French toast. My favorite breakfast place does something like that.

ETA: The sauce or the canned condensed milk (La Lechera) looks like it’s meant to replace maple syrup—agreeing with @Rooster here. Though if you have maple syrup handy too, you could always serve both sauce and syrup and let your guests choose their own adventure.

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I’d add cinnamon to the french toast batter so it permeates the bread. Then I’d cook down the cranberries in a bit of orange juice. The canned cond milk can replace maple syrup drizzled last.

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This version is super simple and gets you there.

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While its baking you can make a fruit sauce. I’ve used tangerines, strawberry and frozen blackberries at diff times as a cooked down sauce in a small stove pot.
Cranberry sounds great. Offset the sweetness.


I liked the idea of a tart/sweet sauce also. Now let’s see if I can actually pull it off, lol

You got this, Mark! Enjoy!


For a little feedback on this, the recipe I ended up using is below. I sub’d raspberries for cranberries, no orange zest. The raspberry recipe had a nice level of tartness, wondering if cranberries would be too tart.

Everyone loved it. Using a different type of bread other than simple run-of-the-mill sliced bread made it interesting. Also, we drizzled a little maple syrup over the french toast and berries.


Glad for you Mark. Success!

Trappist makes cranberry conserve, FWIW.

The way you prepared the recipe sounds yum. Raspberries would be my vote instead of cranberries for this, too.

Lucky guests!

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There are probably certain types of food that require very specific measurements and procedures, but a fruit sauce is NOT one of them. If everyone loved it, you did it exactly right - case closed. :+1: