Do you have a wonderful recipe for lobster salad?

Live Maine lobsters are plentiful and inexpensive ($5.99/lb) these days and I’m thinking of packing a picnic lunch featuring lobster salad on a great baguette. I’d love to get some suggestions for a great lobster salad. Thanks!

I have the recipe from a place that’s kind of famous for theirs (it’s actually the name of their establishment). Hope it doesn’t disapppoint…hunks of lobster, salt and pepper, Hellmanns mayo, dill weed and lemon juice. And NO celery. Served on a soft hot dog roll, not a crusty one please. Thank you :wink:

That sounds really good – I like the idea of adding dill. As for the bread, it’s not a lobster roll I’m envisioning, so I think a crunchy baguette really will work nicely. :slight_smile:

Amen to no celery. For the baguette you have in mind, I might use tarragon and white wine vinegar instead of dill and lemon. Make sure you choose a bread that you can bite through without all the lobster squishing out.

I do a very similar recipe… Hellmans, s&p, lemon, the tiniest bit of saffron threads into the mayo, freshly snipped dill and or scallion on top.

I too have one with saffron threads when I want to get fancy! It also involves a drizzle of honey, minced garlic and red wine vinegar. Sometimes I will also add chopped fennel and fronds, maybe some pesto (if I’m getting really crazy) and chopped chives too.