Do you eat where you shop?

Many markets now offer public spaces where you can eat everything from pizza to sushi. Fairway, Wegman’s, Whole Foods, just to name a few. Do you sometimes eat at the market where you shop? What are your favorites?

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If we are talking about supermarkets, then yes but very rarely. I usually find much better restaurants nearby. If we are talking something like an open markets like Reading Terminal Market, then “All the time”.

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My usual supermarket, Sainsbury, has a cafe. It’s fine for a coffee and bacon sandwich but that’s about its limit.

What constitutes a Bacon Sandwich in merrie olde?

It consists of breade, bacone and tomato ketchupe.


never. might grab a diet coke as I shop.

Never . Though I have been thinking about having a pint on tap at our grocers beer bar .


Yeah, our WF has a pub!

We used to grab some sushi at Wegmans and eat it there, but I don’t do supermarket sushi anymore, so it’s not happened in years.

I actually saw a group of ladies eating and playing mahjong at a Wegman’s in Fairfax, VA…

In Germany it’s convenient to grab a coffee and pastries at the supermarket. Most supermarkets there have a bakery-cum-cafe by the entrance. Sometimes I also get a roll with “Leberkäse” for myself. I usually get this in a butcher’s shop or a real bakery because it’s a lot better.

In Spain and Portugal I have eaten tapas and drank beer in the cafe or cafeteria which is part of the supermarket or department store. Aww… I love Spain!


I sometimes have a Polish sausage or pizza slice at Costco.

In the '80’s the food co-op in my town had an excellent restaurant. I would have lunch there when time allowed since I worked nearby. The food was great - the service slow with no awareness of time.

In another town 20 years later the local natural foods store had a good salad bar/hot bar and juice bar. I ate there a bit when they had good chefs. Avoided it when there was a bad chef.

Generally I prefer a more peaceful meal. “Wet clean-up on aisle 4” “Need a price check on Depends” just doesn’t make for relaxation.

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Only if they’re giving out free samples!

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I loved it at Christmas etc time when WF was sampling sparkling wines!!! Oh yeah :slight_smile:

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After all the amuse bouches in the Costco aisles, who wouldn’t be primed for a Polish (with drink) and a pepperoni slice.


BOTH??? Each of those is HUGE :slight_smile:

With 'breade" being a flour bap, “bacon” being beautiful meaty British bacon, and you can sub a drizzle of HP for the ketchupe, please*.

With a huge mug of strong tea, natch.

*I learned this oop norf, you can guess

Indeed. Although as you refer to the breade as a “bap”, then you didnt learn it in my part of the norf, where the same thing is a barmcake, or barm. Or, into Derbyshire, where it’s a cob.

We do this to confuse strangers and to identify them as “people not like us”. I gather that it’s as recent as 1967 when someone visiting Bolton was burned as a witch for asking for a bacon cob.

And, bear in mind that, in greasy spoon you’ll be asked if you want brown or red sauce. Red sauce, to you and me, is ketchup.


By the title, I thought this thread would be about folks who open their groceries/snacks before paying and eat while walking down the aisle. Not proud of it. I, for example, eat my dried baby pineapples before checking out at Trader Joe’s. Or I’ll feed the kid a banana. Sometimes, it’s premeditate, I’ll even bring chopsticks with me to eat the snacks. Egregious, I know.

Also, I’ll commit another unforgivable sin. I’ll bring in food from outside. I don’t like Wegman’s bread, but if I happen to stop by a nearby bakery to grab a decent baguette, I’ll buy cheese at Wegman’s and eat it with the bread in their sitting area.

Phew, felt good to get that off my conscience.

We don’t eat the prepared foods, but we’ll improvise. Like we’ll buy ice cream, ready-to-go fruit, some chocolate, nuts, etc and make our own sundaes. Usually, just shave the chocolate, but once I saw staff cleaning the public microwave at Wegman’s, so we warmed up some chocolate sauce. (Otherwise, wouldn’t go near a public microwave.)

Anyway, fun discussions on HO lately.

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Microwaves don’t kill germs?

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