Do you eat where you shop?


Not sure about the germs, just psychologically I can’t use public microwaves

(Doo B. Wah) #22

Never and I actually have some pretty good choices nearby, (for example, Whole Foods, Table 57, Phoenicia).


Some Publix (my local chain) have a cafe – but not the one in my town, so ithat’s a big no.

doesn’t everyone grab a slice at Costco once in a while? It’s actually great pizza, if you’re lucky enough to catch one coming out of the oven. Their pulled pork sandwich is pretty tasty, too.

Harters, the bap is what used to be the morning special at the industrial estate where my colleague’s office was located in Warrington. He used to laugh at me for beelining to The Shed for a bacon bap with a mug of tea after my flight arrived at Ringway, but they were really delicious!! LOL


I think the Costco pizza tastes great but, wow, is it greasy! I usually get the Polish but if I DO get the pizza I just grab a bunch of napkins and blot the daylights out of it.

(Mark) #25

A lot of grocery stores around here have some form of food bar, especially the newer upscale-chasing ones. At one I usually get a few chicken wings, at Fresh Market a tray of sushi (it’s some grocery store chain sushi that they still make fresh at the stores, haven’t figured that racket out yet, but it’s ok). Anyway just something in my stomach so I’m not thinking about eating while I’m shopping.


Won’t eat Costco pizza, don’t get the appeal.


Have you had it?


Yes, of course. Just ten years ago, I would eat all of Pizza Hut, Dominos, Wegman’s, everything. Family gets it all the time. About four years ago, I realized I didn’t like the crust, then same about the sauce. About the same time my metabolism precipitously declined. Every calorie must be worth it now.

Mostly eat pizza at home now. I use “artisan 5 minute” crust, own sauce (just seasoned crushed tomatoes) , etc.


I’m pretty picky about pizza and also have started making it at home. But I think Costco is fine for what it is.


I ate once upstairs at the Fairway cafe on the uws and it was fine but not worthwhile that i returned- too many better other options nearby.

However, whole foods locations in nyc (esp columbus circle) have really amazing rediculous prepared foods- two huge cold salad bars, a hot bar, a dessert bar (all proced per lb), pizza counter, sandwich guy, sushi counter you can sit at, prepared sushi (or they make what you want right then). Oh, and the wall of packaged prepared deli stuff. It’s entirely too easy to spend a lot since the salad bar stuff is weighed! I usually pick up something there but seating is often scarce, so when it’s nice i’ll take it outside.


Has anyone ever ate , or drank something while shopping and brought the wrapper, or empty container for checkout in the store ?


I would hope everyone would do so! I’m not a grazer myself, but I do see people doing that occasionally.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #33

Yup- it depends. Sometimes my 2 yo son is hungry and being unbearable, so I will feed him say, a package of raisins out of the bag Of 12 mini packs. When he has wanted a banana, we have gone to the express check, paid for a banana, and told the checker that it is for my son to eat. We also keep the bill and the peel to show the checker when we are done shopping and checking out he entire cart of groceries.

I always pay for whatever has been consumed.

(Andrea) #34

No, almost never.


Yes, always keep the wrapper. In regular supermarket, I do exactly as Salsailsa, in TJ’s bananas are not by weight, so I pay later.

Once I opened something in TJ’s and didn’t like it, so I didn’t finish it. Cashier asks, did you like those? I say, no i didn’t. She says, then you’re not paying for it.

(Natascha) #36

Sure. I might have a couple of brazil nuts before I get to the register. I don’t believe I’ve ever finished any food entirely, however, so of course the container is still around to be rung up.



Local supermarket - no no no.

Market - we ate once or twice in the indoor market Saint-Quentin near Gare de l’Est in Paris, some egg tarts from Portugal, and some ethnic North African food.
Never been, but the lunch in the market of Enfant Rouge has good reputation. When travelling, it’s a pretty good option to taste local food, we did it in Saigon and Bangkok.

Food fair - fairly often, sometimes just a snack like waffle, can also be a meal like Raclette (cheese with potatoes), oysters, foie gras sandwich or if it was early winter, we can have a omelette with ceps.

Gourmet supermarket - like Lafayette gourmet, they have a food court, I prefer to buy home food to eat than to eat there.


when my pups were small, I’d sometimes let them eat a banana – but then I’d put my keys on top of the rest of the bunch to compensate for the one eaten (which, given the mass of my keyring, probably means I was overpaying…)

But to me, no – eating and grocery shopping simply don’t go together. I eat or I shop – not both. (a sample doesn’t count…)


Not my proudest moment but seriously weekend lines at trader joe’s can be 30-45min. To check out. Yeah. I just handed over the empty wrapper and was like “kinda ate that…” Generally i frown on it for grownups and don’t myself (but without lunch stuck at the store…desperate times and all)


I generally prefer not to, but I’ve worked in a few locations where the local supermarket was the best and closest option to grab lunch, if you didn’t bring your lunch in. Usually it’s the salad bar or a quick grab and go food that is catering to the work time lunch crowd.

I have also eaten at Wegman’s enormous food bar on occasion. They are so massive and generally located in such isolated areas, it’s the food bar or a local fast food chain – none of which are my preferred food options. We also have a few local Asian market outposts (e.g., H Mart) have have mini-food courts attached. They can be fun to grab a quick bite after long shopping trip.