Do you eat in your car?

So funny, Junior, thanks! I have had a hot Starbucks coffee spill out of the container while driving. Forgot to empty it a bit before setting out.

Or your worst fails. Ok, truth: I have been known to attempt to eat a Reuben in the car. Sauerkraut ! Dressing. Car smelled like you can imagine for weeks. Oh, and I have cloth seats.


My understanding is that cereal bars were created to combat falling cereal sales. The thinking was that if you can’t eat it while driving, it’s a tough sell. The days of eating a bowl of cereal with milk are gone, for the most part.

Yes, but not often. I usually eat in the car when I am in a roadtrip. Day in, Day out, going to work, grocery shopping… I don’t eat in my car much.

In terms of odor, banh mi and shrimp chips in the car have both been regrettable.

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Really? That is sad. When “pouring cold milk in a bowl of cereal” has becoming too much work for us…

Not that it’s too much work, but a lot of people eat breakfast while driving to work. A bowl of cereal with milk, at 30 (or more) mi per hr is just not practical.

Having a bowl of cereal while in your vehicle will become a thing of the past in the near future . It’s in the works .:blue_car:

Maybe that is why we will have self driving cars.

It will become a reality . A bowl of Frosted Flakes while you are on your phone in your car on the way to work .:scream:

Life cannot get better than eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes and tweeting random comments while the computer driving you to work.


When I was working as an outside salesperson, it was sort of a necessity. You never knew if you’d have enough time for a real meal. I mostly made peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat, cut it into quarters, and scoffed one piece down at red lights when the hunger pains got too much.

Only time I eat a sandwich in the car is on a road trip. Table be damned, I’m eating better than road food. Outside of that, a hand full of nuts is not out of the question when running around town

No eating in the auto. Stinks up the car, smells up your hands, crumbs and sticky spots are inevitable. No one has ever starved to death because they couldn’t eat while driving.

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My very young kids will counter that they will starve to death because they can’t eat while riding. LOL.

And yeah, the car looks like crap because of their eating.


When I was younger and had used cars I did. Even while driving. I did a LOT of cross country road trips when I worked in the wilderness. A 1000-2000 mile drive between work gigs wasn’t unusual.

But now that those days are over I drive a lot less, even when consulting a two hour drive each way, and my past few cars have been new and very nice vehicles. So I rarely eat in the car. Maybe 2-3 times a year, and only when parked. And when I do it is very carefully with bandanas or cloth napkins or a towel in my lap. And I always get all leather interiors. Much easier to clean and remove any odor than cloth. But it is almost impossible NOT to eat a banh mi immediately, and they smell, and crumbs go everywhere. Which means driving with the windows down to air out the car, and straight to the car wash and a good vacuuming.

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What kind of monster wouldn’t eat in a car…

There are some danger items to avoid though. Especially pizza by the slice. Look away for a few minutes and you have pizza oil all over yourself… then you have to take your clothes off and lick the oil off everything. That’s a hassle.


If they made those scented tree things that smelled like banh mi I would probably buy some.


I’m with you. The car is mainly a transport device for food. Isn’t that the point?
I guess I’m just a proud American who takes our drive in culture seriously. :smiley: