Do you eat in your car?

Pulled up to a traffic light recently and noticed the driver next to me was chomping on a sandwich or something. Even think I saw a morsel fall onto his lap. I don’t usually like eating in the car. The last time I did: we had just bought a box of fresh treats from Doughnut Plant on Grand Street, Manhattan for take home, and as we drove away we could not help but indulge. By the time we got back we only had two left…and a few crumbs, too.

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Only in extremely rare occasions - long road trips sometimes, when running extremely late during the day …

Never. I’m really uptight about it too. Even on long road trips I will stop at a restaurant and eat at a table.

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Sure have, not that I try to make a habit of it but my work takes me on the road frequently meeting with clients etc. so when I’m tight on time and have to grab a bite I do so while driving.

(Perhaps new thread, favorite driving foods)


Never . I barely drink water in it on road trips . Even to go food goes in the trunk , same as groceries .

Just curious where the strong aversion is coming from for you and others too?

Of course would be my answer.
Why did God invent drive up windows at FF joints if not for us to enjoy treats
while motoring about?

Someday I might want to sell the car . I keep it in mint condition . I don’t want the stains or smells of food permeating the interior .

I make a three hour highway drive every Friday and Sunday right around lunchtime. I always make a sandwich to scarf down en route so I don’t have to stop and buy crap food at the rest area.

Especially on long road trips! I need to get out of the car, stretch my legs and be waited on. I generally try to find a restaurant midway through that doesn’t require too much of a detour.

As a general rule I don’t like to eat in my car, but if I’m pressed for time I will drive through, park and bolt the almost-food product down. I don’t like actually driving and eating. The one exception? Once every 2 or 3 years my car drives itself through McD’s for fries . . . those will be eaten while driving.

I constantly drink in my car (water, coffee . . .not alcohol :innocent:

Yes, and there are crumbs to prove it :scream:

No, only on long road trips, and even then I prefer to pull over at a rest stop and eat at a picnic table.

But I will eat in other people’s cars, if they insist. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We did in our old car (bought 1998, sold last year), but not in our brand-new Prius.

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When I lived in north Texas I learned what ‘eating in the car’ really means. I saw people eating enchiladas, frijoles, BBQ on a bun, and yes, downing brews; reading the paper or a book; engaging in personal grooming and care. . . . I think the long straight stretches of lonesome road invite that. Me, I’m too big a chicken and too likely to drop goo in my lap. And i don’t want the car to look like it is joyfully occupied by a Large Rodent.

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My cars have never been nice enough to worry about such things.
Maybe eating in the car is a wide open spaces kind of thing.


Only when someone else is driving

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Reminds me of eating off the hood of your car at Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse in Texas. The hood of your car as dining room table. The interior of your car as dining room. I try to avoid it, but there are times when I would overlook my negativity about it, I guess.

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Very rarely - when I get DH to go to Costco in Danbury there is an Arby’s nearby. We are both suckers for Arbys’ - no idea why, maybe its the horsey sauce, but we eat in the car. It’s parked. But normally, even if I’m on a long car trip I’d rather get out of the car and sit at a table.

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No rule against it but we don’t do it that often. If we’re getting take out, we wait to eat it at home or at our destination. On road trips we generally get out of the car to eat meals (unless we’re in a serious hurry), but have non-messy things like nuts to snack on in the car. Drinks are fine and we frequently get coffee on our way to weekend engagements, etc.

I’ll just leave this here…

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