Do you cook different varieties of salmon in different ways?

I got some Sockeye salmon filets, relatively thin, quite red, and seemingly leaner than King Salmon. Given the thinness and the apparent leanness, I figure I’ll do them entirely on the stovetop (with thicker and fatty salmon, I generally pan-sear and finish in the oven).

But it did make me curious what else might be noted within the Hungry Onion community.

In short, yes @BadaBing. We eat many types of salmon up here in PNW. Often use a piece of foil on the grill, leave on for a shorter time, and baste more generously with butter or a chosen marinade. The leaner fish are also good (leftovers, usually) in chowders, salmon patties, quiches, and the like. Also good mixed up with mayo, as you would for tuna sandwiches, with your chosen add ins. ETA: if eating King, I never use in other preps, simply too good and special for that, unless you happen to have a glut of it.

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Where I am in the world, salmon isnt generally labelled with a variety so, no, no difference in cooking method for variety. It’s just “salmon”.

Depending on recipe, we’d cook salmon under the grill, in a frying pan, or poached. This time of year, it’s generally poached to eat cold.

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How do you season your poached salmon? I’ve never done that.

I could Google recipes, of course, but I do wonder what works for you. Not sure how much the/lean/fatty factors in…

I generally don’t. We season at the table, if its needed. But then, things in this house are generally seasoned at the table, if its needed. I havent added salt to my food in the last 20 years or so, and I generally prefer not to add it while I’m cooking.

I tend to low temp roast a lot, because it’s easy and yields a relatively consistent result. Time varies by type and thickness of the salmon.

En papillote in parchment or foil other times, and occasionally steamed stovetop or in the oven.

Oh, and poached in curry - indian or thai.

I’ve also poached in water with lemon slices and a few sprigs of herbs at hand, which is a nice and delicate outcome especially if you want to eat it cold as a salad.

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Skin side down. Low and slow. Little mayonnaise on the top with some salt and pepper. I figure the skin side down is a little more than three quarters of the cooking time.