Do you buy white or brown eggs?


I used to work with a fellow who raised this breed. The eggs he gave me were so pretty. Interestingly they always had double or triple yolks! One had 4 yolks! Never in the 6+ years of receiving his eggs did I find a single yolk.

I’ve wondered if this is inherent to the breed of if he just had hens that had a genetic anomaly.

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My belly accepts both brown and white eggs equally. I’m not sure why but my wife had been buying brown eggs for a while now, we (she) switched from buying traditionally white, I don’t have a preference between the two.


A simple check on the internet–which I had never done before–shows that you are entirely correct that breed, or genetics, determines shell color. But I have often heard people claim that it was the feed. Sorry!

(K. Laurence) #24

Where I grew up we ate whatever color the chickens gave us. I still don’t have a preference to this day. One of my coworkers raises backyard chickens and I buy the “leftover” eggs that she can’t sell at the farmers market. I’ve gotten some gorgeous pink and blue eggs.

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Brown Eggs have/had a marketing board in New England. Years ago, they had a TV ad with a short jingle I still recall: “Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh”. I know that the nutrition and taste are the same, so if I am buying supermarket eggs, price is the decider.

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If I shop for eggs and there’s a choice, sometimes I feel like buying white and sometimes brown.


This week’s eggs from the CSA.

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Both based on price. I’ve been buying xtra large just for egg dishes.

(DeMarko) #29

At the store it’s white eggs but with our hobby farmer connection it’s usually a mix of brown, green and blue. There’s a wide variation in size as well, sure some of them are pullets. Oddly I am more inspired to cook or bake something special with the colored eggs. Will be very happy when the ladies start laying again!


I’ve had that jingle in my head as I read this while thread. I don’t really care about color, but all the eggs I buy locally happen to be brown. I prefer pasture raised chickens and eggs too, and can’t remember the last white egg I got.


I grew up in northern NJ - it was all white eggs there.

I have lived in the Boston area since mid-1989. Almostly always brown eggs. Although there are large flats of white eggs available in the store fridges. I usually go with a combination of price and pasture-raised.