Do The Buffet Shuffle - San Francisco Bay Area

Do you do the AYCE buffet? where?

Vedas Indian Restaurant, 560 N. Abel Street, Milpitas - weekdays $12 Lunch
Darbar Indian Restaurant, 1412 Polk St. San Francisco $9.99 at Lunch
Fenix, 919 Fourth Street, San Rafael - Southern, Tues~Fri. 11am to 2:30 pm

Patio Espaňol, 2850 Alemany Blvd. San Francisco - Sunday 11:30 am to 3 pm -Spanish buffet

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Fenix Tues-Friday lunch buffet from 11 am to 2:30 pm $12

Patio Espaňol Sunday Buffet from 11:30 am to 3 pm $28

Who knew you were a Buffet Slayer? :slight_smile:

Espetus Churrascaria in Hayes Valley and San Mateo, all you can eat meat and a buffet of sides, feijoada, etc.

On the sidelines, sometimes I just can’t go beyond the sides.
Too many choices are overwhelming. hahaha Buffet Slayer, indeed.

Priya Indian restaurant on San Pablo just south of University in Berkeley. They have a much wider selection of dishes, many unfamiliar and worth trying out, than other places like Khana Peena. I think the buffet is lunch only.

There are several Sunday soul food buffets mentioned in the last issue of the Express.

Lunch at Amber India, don’t know exact price but around $20.

Four of us met at Darbar at 11:30 am for the Lunch Buffet $9.99. Two love Indian food, two are fence-sitters and would not select it - if given a choice. Two of us rate it 5 stars; two rate it 4 stars - because they went back for second plates in spite of not favoring the cuisine.
It’s 10 items; 3 chicken, 3 vegetarian, sides. All freshly prepared; tender and flavorful; it’s noted for its tasteful dishes. The naan is hot and fresh, the papadams are crisp, the rice is fluffy, the chai is hot, the kheer is sweet…
note: I have ordered the Goat Karahi for take-out and it’s delicious with a spicy sauce of fresh tomatoes, onion, ginger, and garlic on tender chunks of goat.

Viva Goa
2420 Lombard Street between Scott and Divisadero

Fenix Tues-Friday lunch buffet from 11 am to 2:30 pm $12

I’ll guess I’ll lose any cred I might possibly have with this, but I like Kome in Daly City!

Senior lunch is $13.50 & if you get there when they open at 11:00 am on weekdays you can eat your fill of Chinese roast duck & crispy skin pork with about 3 dozen plus other dishes on the Chinese side, at least 3-4 soups, dim sum, a noodle soup station, fresh fruit & several desserts. Then there’s the sushi & salads. They will even make no rice hand rolls to order! It’s my experience that they do a big business so food turns over fast & doesn’t get dried out or stale…

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Is that the one near Daly City BART? Dragged there once by wife and stepdaughter on a Friday night and they said it was a 2-Hr wait so I turned on my heels and went home. Also, a young Asian karaoke kind of crowd. Would have been the oldest there by decades.

Yes, Souperman, that’s the place. The only time I will go is 11:00 on a weekday when they open for lunch. It gets very busy by 11:30. I only indulge 2-3 times a year.

I think most Indian places around the Bay Area offers buffet

Amber’s buffet, I feel, is not managed by the same kitchen as their dinner. The taste is clearly different for certain dishes, e.g. butter chicken.

If you are talking about mid-peninsula south, there are a whole bunch of indian buffets. Almost too many to mention. Darbar, P2I (passage to india), Amber, Sakoon, Tamarind, Park Balucci, Shiva’s… I’d have to look up yelp to remember them all. I don’t even really have a favorite among all of them — they’re uniformly quite good and I have limited my AYCE lunches. My friends have been talking up Himalayan Kitchen, I expect they have a buffet lunch.

We ate at Kome for the first time recently. I felt it was actively terrible in almost all categories. For me, most things were just flavorless. Moonstar is much, much better–have you been?

Tks atomica, I haven’t been to Moonstar in several years as the last time it was so terrible. The food seemed tired. Made & prepared from poor quality materials. Maybe it’s time for a re-visit…

In general I avoid AYCE buffets as they don’t offer many choices consistent with my low carb program. My visit to Kome the other day was a lunch board meeting. The group likes lunch there because of the many choices, something for everyone & it’s a bargain. This board is primarily Chinese, some with dietary restrictions like mine.

I’m told that the buffet at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley is quite good especially for the holidays. Haven’t been myself so no details.

I have not been in about a year, but have had many good buffet experiences at farmerbrown in SF. Good fried chicken, excellent biscuits and sausage gravy.

In May I went to the buffet at Southern Cafe, on MacArthur in Oakland. The layout is terrible, with phenomenally slow long lines, but the fried chicken is very good.

I share the opinion that Priya is a cut above in the Indian buffet category. India Palace in Alameda has a lunch-only buffet that isn’t destination worthy, but is solid if you already on the island.

Oh, I was JillyJu on CH, but I fell out of love quite some time ago, so was no longer a regular poster.

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I agree that Moonstar is on a par with Kome. The sushi is better at Kome but the Chinese food at Moonstar is a step above Kome. Both are good depending on what you want.