Do The Buffet Shuffle - San Francisco Bay Area

Anyone up for trying the Thunder Valley buffet out my way? Wednesdays the senior special is $7.50. I’m going on Wednesday 11/25. Join me?

Is the Daly City Moonstar better than the original one that was in the old Del Webb building at 8th and Market in SF?

Well okay, don’t know how long ago you were there, but I cried for the fish that went into the extremely poor quality sushi I had at Kome.

Yes it better then the one on 8th and Market

Well, fresh fish is a hit and miss thing. The last two time I was there for a dinner it was fresh and good. But I can believe that they have bad days too. It has been months since I have been. I will return one day soon and report back.

Based on this post, I decided to try out Himalayan’s brunch this weekend (I pick a buffet every few weeks or so to hit, and this seemed like a good one to try). Relatively tiny in size compared to the Amber/Sakoons of the world, but I found their food to be a little tastier, a little more spicy, than other places I’ve tried. Good to add to a rotation.

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What’s the word on Lee’s Garden Buffet at 2960 Hilltop Mall Road, Richmond, CA for the seafood/Chinese buffet?
Is it different on weekends, with more selection of dishes?

Tomi Sushi & Seafood Buffet
476 Sun Valley Mall
Ste D-214
Concord, CA 94520

Any reports for Tomi’s?
My knowledge of the East Bay is lacking, but a friend likes the unagi rolls here.

Does it have to be buffet or does any AYCE count? If the latter, then my favorite and most often attended would be Ozumo AYCE sushi Mondays. All items are made to order, so no buffet line/heat lamps. Includes nigiri, rolls, miso soup, edemame, and 5 or so appetizers. $40

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Tell us more, please. Is this in San Francisco or Oakland for Sushi Monday? AYCE is our subtitled thread!

Himalayan Kitchen
820 E El Camino Real
Ste C
Mountain View, CA 94040

It’s Oakland only, Monday dinner, and you need to sit at the sushi bar. I sometimes make a reservation, other times I just pop in (usually around 5:30-6, not peak hours). When I make a reservation, I’ll mention sushi Monday. It doesn’t include their entire selection of sushi (excludes tako, uni, toro) but all of the basic items are on the menu, 10-15 types of nigiri and 5-8 different rolls. The appetizer list always has salad and tempura, and the rest of the items are seasonal. I particularly love their brussel sprouts, and my husband likes their pork ribs. You have a 1 hour time limit but I’ve never run up against it. The sushi is made to order and all the food comes out quickly. I’ve never seen the sushi bar completely full on sushi Mondays in the 2+ years since I learned about it. It’s a good deal and I’ve had some good to great fish there, as they use the same fish as they do for their other customers.

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The sunday buffet lunch at the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

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We had Lee’s Garden Buffet for lunch today at 11am. Seniors are $10.
Food is fresh, hot, and with many choices it’s a good value.

I plated bbq meats; char siu, roast duck, pork ribs; and followed with the baked oysters, clams in black bean sauce, fried smelt, steamed basa, bitter melon and pork, fresh fruit and soft serve ice cream.
They offer much more on the six steam tables and another table with sushi rolls.

Al Masri has a Sunday evening Egyptian buffet for $25.

4031 Balboa Street, San Francisco

Phone: 415-876-2300;
TOLL FREE: 844-841-4242

Try the Pikanhas Brazilian Steakhouse
25 W. Richmond Ave.
Pt. Richmond CA 94801
Phone: (510) 237-7585

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