Do I need to worry about my paella pan?

I used this ‘pata negra’ paella pan about 10 times in total. I cook my paella in this pan on a Weber original kettle charcoal grill. Its a little hard to see, but on the bottom of the pan, you can see some marks left where the pan touched the cooking grate when the temperature of the grill was high. After a few times, pretty much the entire bottom was black.

The scratches were from moving the pan horizontally across the grate.

The question is, does what happened at the bottom affect the function of the pan? Do I need to worry about it at all? Or am I one of those horrible people who abuse their cookware?

I doubt it

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Agree, I think you’re fine . . . you’re now just one of those people :slight_smile: But paella pans are often scratched up because a lot of people do them over a fire/bbq.

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It would appear that you’re one of those terrific people who use their cookware.