DIY buttercup or kabocha squash

I often describe kabocha as tasting like a cross between sweet potato and acorn or butternut squash. Finding myself with a small butternut and a gigantic sweet potato, it seemed a good time to test this out, since each was awkwardly enough for more than two servings but less than three. I roasted both, in their skins, then peeled and mashed them together. Voilà, five portions that would fool me into thinking they were kabocha or buttercup. And probably costing less per pound. Plus these squashes can have very large cavities, making for guesswork as to how much flesh they will yield. Methinks the combo mash would be a good pie filling as well.


Interesting, and thanks for testing and reporting!

I don’t buy buttercup very often - I do like buttercup pie slightly better than pumpkin pie. It just seems to have a bit more flavor to it. But I only get it when it’s around pumpkin pie time, and if my eye happens to land on one in the store.

So anyway, my question is why do a DIY with acorn + sweet potato rather than just getting buttercup? Is it a seasonal availability problem?