Discoloration of new nonstick sheet pan

I recently bought several pieces of Century Bakeware at Ocean State Job Lot. The label says the coating is Quantum 2, Whitford’s reinforced nonstick. This coating is putty-colored, and releases beautifully. The pans, though inexpensive, are heavy gauge carbon steel. Last week I used the sheet pan for the first time, to bake bacon. After hand-washing, it looked like new. The other day, I did a pan-roast of chicken and vegetables that had been tossed with a mixture of yogurt, curry powder, ginger, garlic, and oil. Again, I washed the pan in the sink (same detergent), but it retained a slight, uneven, yellowish tint that the other pans don’t have. I then gently cleaned it with a plastic scrubbie and Bar Keeper’s Friend, not wanting to damage the surface. This didn’t remove any of the discoloration.

Is this staining from the curry powder, and does it matter?

I’m guessing it’s the turmeric in the curry powder. I have a specific sheet pan I use just for my indian spiced roasted cauliflower and kebabs because of the turmeric. :slight_smile:

It is either oil residue got baked on or the yellow turmeric. If it is from the turmeric, then it will fade in time.

Thanks for the ideas. The pan cost just $8.50 - less, actually, because buying $20 of CB got you a $10 giftcard - but I am impressed by the slick surface and thermal mass, and hope it lasts.

there is an infinitely simpler way to prevent the issue.

if you want to keep any and all cooking utensils from displaying any sign of usage, just leave them in the cupboard. do not use them - if you do not use them they will remain utterly pristine forever.


Ha ha ha. Knowing greygarious, I don’t think that is what she meant. She was probably just curious if the discoloration is a early sign of the nonstick surface wearing down. In my opinion, this is usually not the case, I have many of my nonstick baked pans undergone discoloration, but they still remind nonstick.


Dont try the copper baking pan. Not worth the money. Stain the sides horribly.

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