Dinners in Paris input needed please

Returning to Paris in September and have 4 nights to dine.
Generally prefer seafood leaning menus with lighter saucing. We always do dinner, no lunch.
Previous favories included Granite, La Condessa, David Toutan, Sola, Virtus.
Currently thinking:

  • Pages (because we always go to Pages and love it)
  • Origines
  • Alliance (is that too much the same as Pages?)
  • Les Parisiens
  • Le Sergent Recruteur
  • Ze Kitchen Gallerie (loved it in 2011)
    Suggestions and critique most welcome.

We loved Parcelles and Kubri on our last visit. Able to reserve online these days which was a huge help.

Had a splendid meal at Ze Kitchen Galerie in June. I also had dined there early in the restaurant’s history. I don’t think much (anything?) has changed, so if you are looking for newly creative, it’s not really the spot for that. But if you want well-prepared, Asian-accented fish and seafood (mostly), then this is a very fine choice. N.B. I don’t know what they were doing back in 2011, but they now (at dinner anyway), offer only a short (5 courses) or a long (7 courses) tasting menu. We were four, and three of us had the long; one (the pescatarian) had the short. We all had a wonderful evening.


We really enjoyed Pantragruel.

As well as Restaurant PĂ©trelle

And lastly Eels

For fish, our current favorite is Les Parisiens- just listen to Parn and not Lobrano and focus on the fish (well, and the desserts) there. It is at the top of my must return list, and in fact we’ve gone twice on each of our past two visits (for lunch it’s a steal).

We did Origines last fall for dinner and it was indeed very good, but not inexpensive.

Our visits to Alliance, and Pages were both at lunch. We much much preferred our meal at Alliance. I’ll note that I’ve never been there for dinner, and other commenters on this board have said they don’t like it as much at dinner.

I very much enjoyed our dinner at Pantagruel, but it too is not inexpensive.

Besides Les Parisiens and lunch at Alliance, our other favorite meal this past trip was dinner at another Parn rec, Perception. I believe the chef previously worked at Ze Kitchen Galerie. Better value than Origines and Pantagruel, IMO, and I liked that it was a bit “different”. But YMMV based both on your tastes and what they’re serving that night.

Definitely going! Not only nearly everyone on HO has liked it but also it is open Sunday night!

Looks very enticing, thank you for reminding me about it! Planning to go.

If you don’t mind telling me in a few words, why did you prefer Alliance to Pages?

It was the first time we’d ever been to Pages. It was just my wife and myself. I very much enjoyed the room, and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. But little about it was memorable or stood out.

Montee and Alliance have been our two favorite French-by-a-Japanese-chef places for a while. Went to Montee last fall and not Alliance, and found it not quite up to previous levels, though that could have been a one off. This time at Alliance, we were celebrating my daughter’s birthday, and a friend of hers was with us as well.

The service was excellent and noteworthy - one waiter was fantastic and playful, one was excellent, while with the service from the third waitress, I was able to explain for my daughter by example the meaning of the French word correct. :grinning:

The foie gras cone that was part of the amuse was fantastic, and even the bread was noteworthy, as were the mignardises. It’s quite possible that the rest of the food was no more than on par with Pages, but our overall experience was much greater at Alliance, and it is now alone on the top of our list of such restaurants to return to.

That said, YMMV, and I’d urge you again to search this board for the comments about Alliance at dinner.

Thank you for sharing!

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anyone tried Le Sergent Recruteur?

Yes. It’s wonderful. Loved it for lunch last year and planning to return for dinner. Check out what I wrote on my blog:

Also highly recommend Parcelles and Chantoiseau.

Ok I have to chose 2 out of these 3:
Perception, Alliance, or Le Sergent Recruteur.
Any suggestions.
Just as a guide, last year favorite was Granite.

Tough choices! Loved lunch at Alliance and a dinner at Perception when there in March. Have Le Sargent Recruteur on list for December.

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Haven’t been to the first 2, but if it’s any help we also liked Granite a lot. Sergent Recruteur is a bit less creative but exceptional quality. Not interested in Alliance because we avoid tasting menus, not to mention it’s quite expensive. Perception is less so but also a tasting menu. We much prefer to choose our dishes and share them. Dishes on tasting menus tend to be less adventurous than what we would pick.

We are cool with tasting menus that are not too over the top.

you guys are no help. Btw we never do lunch, always dinner, so hard to compare I think

Does anyone (especially resident Parisians on HO @ParnParis ) know if Alliance and Perception have air conditioning?

@beam. Can’t say for sure because I have never had a meal at Perception in hot weather but I doubt if it is has a/c. Because it has a Michelin star (facilities/ amenities count in the star-awarding game), Alliance is probably air-conditioned… and you need at be cool as a cucumber when presented with the shocking bill for dinner. FWIW, I’d rather sweat at Perception.

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The Michelin entry on Alliance indicates that it has air conditioning.

The Michelin entry on Perception does not indicate that it has air conditioning.