Dinner started out as this:

And this is what it looked like after over night marinade:

I was planning on smoking this pork roast on our Weber for a few hours and finishing it up in the oven. Plans had to change with a rain storm in the morning yesterday–I started it in the oven (low & slow), then finished it in the Weber. Here’s a shot out of the Weber:

A “roast” becomes Pulled Pork:


So, an improvement then?

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Hi, John.
We were expecting a pork roast that could be sliced. Had to “regroup” when we saw it was falling off the bone, tender. It worked out…

It’s happened to us in reverse. Yes, I know, you can continue cooking but this was nowhere near ready to pull and everything else was ready to eat, including us.

That would be disappointing!

I have since learned my lesson re smoked pulled pork or smoked brisket
I estimate an average of 14 hours for pulled pork and 16-18 hours for brisket ( depends not on weight but thickness.) I hate to have guests waiting impatiently for their meal even if I have appetizer and drinks on hand. So, I try and smoke it in the middle of the night, time it to be ready 3 hours before guest are to arrive, double wrap with foil, place in a faux cambrio with tons of tea towels to keep it insulated. This keeps the meat warm, moist up to 5 hours)

Found out this past Friday that if I split the butt in half, cooking was 11 hours for the the thinner piece, 14 hours for the thicker piece with bones. I do not like the thinner piece to be overcooked beyond 203 internal temp, so I pulled it out. Placed it in a cambrio, thinking that I will place it back in the smoker before the thicker piece is ready, but 6 hours later, the butt was still warm!! So, I now understand that even if the pieces are not even in size, if one is finished ahead of the other, just place it in a cambrio.

Never did a sirloin, but here is the instruction per MAK pellet for sirloin. 1 hour at 300 degrees with fat side up, then smoke ( 170 degrees) for 20 -30 min , until internal temp is 145-150 degrees depending on. your preference . So, it takes much less time with a sirloin than a brisket. So, you are right on the money for sirloin.

Another favorite recipe which does not take me as long is Bourbon Pork Loin 2.5-3 lbs. Cut loin in half, lengthwise, dry, add bourbon whiskey few tablespoon depending on size of loin ), wait for whiskey to saturate in, add 2 tablespoon or more of Memphis dust ( see my recipe a few days ago), add 2 tbsp dijon mustard on top of the dust, add 1/2 cup brown sugar, add more bourbon whiskey.

I lay bacon strips across the pork loin, wrap it around, 300 degrees for 1.5 -2 hours till 160 degrees. Then, brush glaze on top ( 3 tbsp butter 3 tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp mustard, 3 tbsp whiskey ) place the loin on the grill med hi , brush glaze until it is nice and brown. Reserve glaze to add on table. I serve this with smoked peach and double smoked potato

This I can prepare the same day without staying up all night. Recipe adapted from PROJECT SMOKE Steve Raichlen

@ccj you should start a smoking thread, I’ve been smoking meats a lot this year and I could contribute. Your recipes sound great.

I agree with your cambrio idea, but I think there’s no shame in putting it in the fridge (especially when it’s just the two of us) then nuking it when it’s ready to eat. Pork butt microwaves so beautifully. I have no problems putting leftovers in the freezer, then thawing batches in the fridge and microwaving it to order.

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Looks great, I’d eat both versions.

I have never freeze them
usually have guests and neighbors over
had left over from these last batch but my son has been eating out as it is the last days for our guest to return to Amsterdam
I think I will smoke a pork loin for Aug 1, my husband’s birthday
I do not think I will have time to start smoking thread
I do not cook much when son is gone, he will leaving in 2 weeks for Amsterdam and has been begging me to let one of my Pomeranians travel with him. have not yet agreed to that. My Wolfie is a social animal. He loves people, loves to hung out with them. Both my son and his friend promised that they will never leave him at home, not even to go nightclubbing. I wander if they will keep their promise as I very seldom leave my poms .

Interesting, I’ve never smoked a pork loin before, I’m interested in how it turns out.

I’m still learning about smoking, still making a lot of mistakes, but it’s much fun. Now that it’s getting cooler, I think I’ll be using it again. Next on my list is Santa Maria Tri Tips.

I have done it a few times, it taste very good.
You can look at details of recipe googling or watching PBS ( Steve Raichlin Project smoke)
I also smoked peaches and double smoked potato for dessert and side dish
You will love it once. you do
Another favorite is smoked fresh caught bluefish
It is outstanding but have not had any bluefish this year.
Buying it in the market is nothing compared to freshly caught bluefish, pan fried or smoked!