Dinner near PHL Airport [Philadelphia, PA]

Does anyone have any input on this place? Staying at an airport hotel nearby en route to NOLA and wanted to check it out.

Menu looks eclectic.

Other suggestions welcome - I know it’s a very quick drive to the South/Passyunk, etc. having done this before :slight_smile:

Nothing, eh?

'twas worth a try :slight_smile:

south of the airport is Essington - pub food there…
I’d go north to the Penns Landing area (if in no-traffic times…)

Penns Landing is basically downtown. If we wanted to go anywhere near CC I probably wouldn’t have asked about places in the burbs, or specific recommendations in South Philly/surroundings.

I’m very familiar with the dining options in the city itself, so I was hoping for possible input on that specific restaurant I linked to, or alternatives near the airport.

I didn’t comment as I am unfamiliar with the goat (I recall reading about it, but don’t know it from first or even second hand experience).

You could also look into the restaurants at the navy yard. It’s less than 10 mi from the airport. The only place I have tried there was the Gatehouse, but that was a while ago. I enjoyed its outdoor seating, but it’s pretty standard pub grub. I believe there’s also a Dinics and a Vetri spot there. Also at least half of the restaurants there cater to the working crowd and only open for breakfast and lunch.

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Yah, looks like the goat is our ticket tonight. The menu is really very eclectic for a gastropub, and – being en route to NOLA – I’m not looking for culinary revelations :wink:

They have a few interesting twists on tots. Might hafta pop my tots cherry :scream:

Hope you have a great meal tonight . . . bring an umbrella and let us know how the tots are. I just checked their menu and those tots do look intriguing. I have a good friend who is a tot fanatic–we’re both north of the city now, but if they’re good I might suggest a road trip for our next meal outing.

Enjoy NOLA!

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I’m guessing this is too late but Stina Pizza is nearby-ish in S Phila and really should take the pizza out of their name Stina (toasttab.com)
Also, BYO Italian L’ Angolo L’ angolo Restaurant (langolo-restaurant.com)
A little further is River Twice - on East Passyunk Ave About — River Twice (rivertwicerestaurant.com)

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That mortadella pistachio pizza! The rest of the menu seems to have a more Med/ME bend (not that there’s anything wrong with that :wink:).

L’Angolo would also be a fab choice if I hadn’t made a ginormous plate of pasta for dinner just last night.

Thx for reminding me of River Twice’s existence, tho! I’m back in the city in December, and looking for a new place to check out :slight_smile:

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My wife and I (vegetarians) were planning to go a few weeks ago after I snagged her from the airport, but her flight was delayed and we had to schlep back to Jersey to get the dogs out. Let us know how the tots are? My wife would run someone over for a good plate of them.

Unfortunately, winter decided to open its fluffy white floodgates just as we were about to drive down :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Nope.

$$ wasted on the hotel, and we won’t be able to try the Fainting Goat. Some other time :frowning:

Well at least NOLA is still on the horizon?

IT HAD BETTER. Sorry for screaming (already did some of that earlier in the car he he), but this is my 4th or 5th attempt to get there. My PIC has been a few times, but I haven’t. And every. single. time something’s come up - conference cancelled, someone got sick, like cockwork :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We’ll get up early and hope the snow has let off by then. No way we were driving through the mountains on 322 tonight - snow is heading west to east, and nothing’s been cleared. Ugh.

Ugh . . .it’s gray and damp here, but fortunately no snow. Maybe you’ll have better luck on your December trip.

I once drove from Philly to SE Ohio in a snowstorm (like, the entire state of PA was snowing) and I know it’s not for the faint of heart.

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my apologies for insulting your knowledge.

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Stina also does fabulous seasonal specials and the quality of the ingredients is exceptional - again, more restaurant like, less pizzeria like : )
Sorry the weather screwed with your plans. Hope you are reading this in beautiful NOLA

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Well, wouldn’t ya know? Our flight is delayed by (now) almost 2 hours, so we managed to swing by the Fainting Goat after all. It’s located in your standard suburban strip eyesore - a spacious bar with lots of tables & a beergarden we didn’t peruse since it was sunny but still cold AF.

We shared the roast pork sammich with “au jus” and fries, and the jalapeño cheddar potato pierogies. The jus was very flavorful (made in house, I asked), the pork good despite being deli-slice thin, and the fries crispy and fresh. Our server was delightful. My pierogies lacked the kick I had hoped for, and she brought me a small bowl of pickled jalapeños :slight_smile:

Certainly not a dining destination, but nice enough, and likely beats anything here at terminal C :roll_eyes:


We’re back at the tail-end of our trip - might have a chance to check them out IF they are open Mondays :slight_smile:

ETA: I just checked. Of course they are NOT open on Mondays (or Tuesdays). Why, lousy!!!

I hate that so many places are closed on Mondays. It is my one consistent work at home day and I can take myself out to lunch, but noooooo.
Le Virtu on East Passyunk is open on Mondays though if you are coming through at dinner time

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I’ve considered it. We went well over a decade ago and clearly didn’t love it enough to want to go back… or perhaps we got distracted by all the other Italian options in the city.

It’ll def be somewhere in South Philly as we are likely to meet up with friends who live down there. I’d love to go back to Kalaya (if you haven’t been) - fabulous Thai.