Dinner at Laurel

Our first time at Laurel - one of two celebratory anniversary dinners. It’s a very casual place with not so casual food & price tag :slight_smile:

We shared 6 plates following the server’s recommendation, although five likely would’ve been enough.

Started off with a good house martini with sake, lillet, and bay leaf bitters.

On Tuesdays they offer an ‘industry’ deal for $9 wine glasses - I opted for a Mosel Riesling, and later a very interesting glass of an Australian red blend with Riesling that was served chilled.

The 1/2 dozen oysters were just ok for me, as I thought the Thai chili gelée they were topped with overwhelmed the oysters - too vinegary.

The celery salad with hazelnuts, dates, and ricotta was a surprise hit - my PIC had been iffy about ordering it, but it was so good Ima hafta try my hand at it when we get home, even though I won’t have access to celery leaf vinegar :smiley:

A special that night was fluke crudo, which I typically love. The slices here could’ve been more delicate, but the cherry vinegar & yuzu koshu were a nice touch.

The clams with leeks, Vin Jaune & trout roe were fantastic, although tiny. But anything with generous amounts of trout roe is a winning dish in my book.

The scallops with oyster cream and crispy potato were YUGE and perfectly seared.

Finally, perfectly cooked duck breast with roasted quince and pink peppercorns.

No room for dessert, as usual. I was a little surprised that no mention or effort was made to honor the occasion of our meal - except for a “congratulations!” from the server.

Total bill was $250, which in this country really means $300. It was a nice evening, but nothing wowed us enough to return.


Beautiful meal. Happy anniversary!