Dining advice for august - Montreal / Quebec City

Bonjour! Looking to take a week in august (14-20), first to Montreal and then to QC. Been to both before. Looking forward to seeing both of these great culinary cities.
For Montreal, have already booked Au Pied Du Cochon and Joe Beef, and thinking of adding L’Express, Wilensky’s and Breizh Cafe. I have been hearing some very poor reports about Joe Beef. Anyone know what is going on. Bad reviews seem to have started last fall. We loved Marche Jean talon and Atwater and look forward to returning. Our hotel is near Sherbrooke metro, so many of these places can easily be walked.
for Q.C. we haven’t booked anything yet. Feeling overwhelmed. Need one nicer place possibly with a tasting menu but not TOO pricey (is not more than $100 US even possible anymore?). We like all ethnic cuisines and will be eating Kouign Amann (at Au Kouign Amann?..) and other pastries. Here is a list of maybes - Franky Johnny for a great sandwich, Buvette Scott, Echaude, Pied Bleu. And… is Marche Adonis worth checking out for a nice take away meal (we will be staying in an Air BNB).
Thank you in advance. Looking forward to hearing some updated information.

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In QC, I recommend going to Chez Temporel for the croissants. They are very serious.

I’m a fan of Adonis. (Might be worth a look at the last few Montreal threads.)

I want to try Bar St Denis in Montreal.

I’ll be there in early July, so far I’ve booked L’Express(one of my faves), Cabaret L’Enfer(highly recommended) Le Vin Papillon(same folks who own Joe Beef which is highly overrated) and Maison Publique(been before and loved it). I’m staying in the Plateau so any other noshing will be close at hand.
So many great restaurants, so little time. I’ve been to APDC 3 times, the last visit was underwhelming.
Le Filet was also excellent last time I was there. I’m also going to try and hit up Schwartz"s/Kouign Amann, practically right next store to me, /Coco Rico/Kem Coba and Reservoir for brews and brunch.

APDC gets fresh seafood from the Gaspé daily in the summer. I love the lobster roll, but recommend saving half for later or splitting it. Had a really nice tomatoes and burrata at APDC a few years ago. I skip the heavy stuff at APDC during the summer months.

I had a food crawl in both cities a few months back and hopefully can provide you with some latest insight.
For Montreal. I ate at Joe Beef and found the place totally over-rated and over-priced!!..$50 for a single ‘cell phone length’ piece of Norwegian King crab leg meat; $75 for a few small chunks of Sweetbread in cream sauce. Food tasted decent but just ho-hum at that price point. Their house speciality is their ‘Lobster spaghetti’ so they tend to use the same sauce to 'overlap ’ a few of their seafood dishes.
I would suggest you cancel the reservation, use the funds to supplement and eat an amazing tasting menu at Quebec’s city - TANIERE 3. IMHO, worthy of 1-2 Michelin Stars ( think NOMA ). …if you can secure a place?! ( Both fellow members DrJohn and myself had written positive reviews on the place )

Still in Montreal. Huge thumbs up for Bouillon Bilk, creative and delicious tasting menu. $130 for 8 courses featuring some exotic, high end ingredients.

For Quebec City, besides Taniere, , I highly recommend Chez Boulay for yummy rustic, homey French and Boreal cuisine! A packed house on a normal weekday reflects quality of food and service! Amazing tasting braised beef cheek topped with a huge slice of seared Foie Gras!
Had a wonderful and delicious lunch at ’ Creperie Le Billig ’ …tasty and huge portion! Both savory and sweet options were equally great. Comparable to Paris, Le Marais, Breizh cafe!
For Viennoise and French pastries. Le Croquembouche on Rue Saint-Joseph E is a must try. Extremely buttery and well made products! Their ’ Plum Tart ', if available, is superb and addictive!

Lastly, if you are thinking of trying Montreal smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz, do remember to ask for ’ fatty cut '! Otherwise, the lean cut and way less enjoyable drier version will be offered.

Good luck and have fun! The Cathedrals and Water falls are amazing!! ENJOY!

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The less than enthusiastic reviews of Joe Beef certainly existed in Fall 2020 - I reviewed it then! The menu looked superb - had a really difficult time choosing between multiple options. Sadly EVERY dish was ‘just ordinary’ - nothing bad, but nothing to bring me back.
In Quebec City - blow your budget on Taniere³ - I’ve been 3 times so far and will be returning in August for visit #4. Definitely above your guideline price, but my favourite restaurant in Canada. However, if that’s too rich, I intend to try Bleu Marine (in Quebec City) on my next visit, which DOES hit your pricepoint. I’ve received a couple of good reviews by trusted friends who also commented favourably on their wine pairings.

On the ‘best of’ theme, a recent list of top restaurants in Canada (I’m NOT a voter!) named Mon Lapin (in Montreal) as the ‘top restaurant in Canada’. My guess is that reservations will be almost impossible - but you may have quick fingers and be able to reserve.


Just returned from Montreal and was in Quebec last year around this time. Stayed in Le Plateau and enjoyed The Bungalow and Chez Victoire there and both took advantage of local produce (asparagus, strawberries, rhubarb, morels). But two highlights on this trip were Porchetta in Little Italy and Au Koiugn Amman. Both speciality items were the best I’ve had outside of Europe.

Last year, in Quebec we stayed on St. Joseph and loved the chef owned food scene there. Highlights were Patente et Machin (sweetbreads) and Pied Bleu (charcuterie)


I’m going to eat all the Kouign Amann when I’m there :smiley:

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It’s a bargain! The KA is really excellent and only had better in Britanny
but i found the almond croissant and regular croissant a little too chewy (different in flour or water vs France?)

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It’s been a year since our month in Montreal &, although I want to go back soon, I think the time (& a subsequent month in Paris this past Oct) have given me some perspective about just where I will return to.
Although my Joe Beef thread accurately summarized our 1st dinner there; that is, we liked it a lot, even though it was overpriced (for Montreal, not NYC), I probably will not return. Our 2nd meal there, later in the month, was not good enough. My wife’s app. order of Razor Clam was, in fact, a single razor clam (nothing special) with a non-justified high price. The rest of the meal was similarly non inspiring, leading me to the conclusion that its either “luck of the draw” there (inconsistent kitchen?) or that we just got lucky on our first visit & ordered well. I thought the small plate food next door at Le Vin Papillon was better, although I cant say I was happy with the wine offerings (none of the “natural” wines impressed me with flavor/depth). I did think it was also overpriced compared to other Montreal places of similar quality.
Maison Publique was a favorite of ours as well and I will definitely return.
If you’re interested in a very good fixed price dinner, I seriously recommend Candide, where you should reserve kitchen pass seats & watch one of the most organized, friendly & competent kitchens at work. In second place for fixed price dinners was our experience at the somewhat quirky Tandem, where our 9 course BYOB dinner was very, very well prepared.
I’d also recommend both Gus & Foie Gras for easy going informal dinners of above average quality. Dinners at Etat-Major (same owners as the now defunct Le Quartier General) & La Prunelle were also good, as were the ones we had at the well known L’Express & Au Pied du Cochon.
If you have any chance whatsoever to stop at Marche Adonis (the one on St. Catherine), do so. A seriously incredible place.
Also, as an aside to sweetman, we really liked Pied Blu in Quebec City. Just be aware that it’s a butcher shop with a section of tables and a bar. Worth going.

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Fortunately(or unfortunately) It’s practically next door to my rental apartment, so… :smiley: Last time I was in Montreal I went at least 3 times, love staying in the Plateau.

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Apparently there are 2 types of Kouign Amann in Brittany.

I’ve tried the Kouign Amann version from Kouign Amann in Montréal maybe 3 times, and it was than most laminated-style, personal size versions that are popular in NYC and Toronto, but not as good as my first Kouign Amann in Brittany.

I had a better Kouign Amann in Montréal, at a restaurant that no longer exists, which was called La Porte Rouge. The couple that ran the restaurant sold their Kouign Amann at some farmers markets after the restaurant closed. I haven’t heard what they’ve been up to recently.

I haven’t been to Montreal since Nov 2019, since I’m unable to travel, so I don’t have any current recs.

I love that laminated style of KA, better than anything I’ve had in T.O

I’ve stopped chasing the dragon, after maybe 60 attempts since my first KA in 2008, in Brittany.

wondering, have you tried this one? Its been on my to-do list for years now. Its not for individual pastries but a single cake

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The first one I tried was a slab cut from a big Kouign Amann.

The version at La Porte Rouge was also the bigger type.

I’ve never tried to make it.

Here is a listicle for Kouign Amann in Montréal from last year. https://tastet.ca/en/lists/the-best-kouign-amann-in-town-where-to-find-them/

Le Palais Breton is a new place I have not tried. Looks promising.

Edit: it was Restaurant La Porte, not La Porte around, that was a restaurant owned by a Breton C couple. La Porte Rouge was a bar, not related.

I found Thierry and Pascale Rouyé, who ran La Porte. Their restaurant La Table des Gourmets, that they run with their son Maxime, is located north of Montréal on the way to Tremblant, in Val David. Kouign Amann with apple is on the sample dessert menu.

Thanks for the recommendation. That was not on my radar