Dim Sum HODown: West Lake - December 1st 11am at West Lake in Matawan [NJ]




My +1 is confirmed. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Great! Looking forward to meeting you, too.



Curlz (2)
Gracieggg (2)
JoeBabbit (2 if weather is bad)
ELeeper (2)


Wow this is looking like quite an event! I have a lot of vacation days to use and this is in one of my time frames. I’m trying to work out some things but I’m not sure. If anything else, I’ll sit on the floor lol


By the way, are you sure they are open at 11 am? I was thinking about going today but saw on Google they open at 1130.


I asked when I originally called and I believe they open earlier on Saturday than on Sunday, but I’ll reconfirm this week.


I’m bumping this up because I want to call the restaurant tomorrow… Any of you who’ve been thinking about joining us, now’s a great time to say yes so I have a decent idea of her number. :blush:


Will this be the biggest hodown yet?


I don’t know if it’s officially the biggest one, but it’s certainly up there!


No question about it. I’ve chartered a DC3 and I’m bringing in 30 people from Houston if the plane makes it. Put us down for a definitive maybe.


We need some pics! :slight_smile:


On a chilly/crappy weather day, thoughts go to dim sum… :grin:

Just made our official reservation for Sat. Dec. 1st at 11am (they open at 10:30 on Saturdays). We CAN accommodate more people, so please RSVP if you haven’t already done so.

(Joon) #34

I wonder if we’ll all get to sit together. This is going to be legendary.


Maybe they will sit us in the side room? Can’t wait! Thanks again @CurlzNJ for organizing.


We’re all at one table as of now… :slight_smile:

(Art) #37

Put me down for one. Not sure about the rest of the family. I’m going to mark it on the calendar right now so my wife doesn’t complain when the day arrives.


Smart man! Keep us posted if you get additional bodies. :slight_smile:


Bumping this up, as I need to reconfirm our reservation for THIS Saturday… any changes to the list as I have it here?

Curlz (2)
Gracieggg (2)
Bossanova (2 because I’m NICE)
JoeBabbit (2 if weather is bad)
ELeeper (2)

(Jeff) #40

Thank you for being so nice.

Only one correction. I believe Heidi not only cooks but also bakes.