DH&M chef's knife

I have this massive 14" blade (20" overall) chef’s knife stamped “DH&M Co. Paris”. It was from my great-grandparents’s NYC grocery store. Can’t find out anything online about it other than copper pot listings for DH&M, but none for knives. Anyone know anything about their knives?

Possible to see a close-up of the stamp?

I see several DH&M co. on eBay but it seems they came from New York.

Best I’ve got for now. Not at home.

Maybe their knives were made in Paris, while cookware in NY?

Looks like it’s an US firm then, because in French, you don’t use “co.” until recently, US influenced.

As I surmised above, it’s possible a US company had it’s knives made in France while cookware in the US (two very different manufacturing processes). My main question is that while I see a fair amount of old DH&M cookware for sale, I’ve yet to see a knife - NY, Paris, anyplace. Not a single mention anywhere online.

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Found out the company was Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse, Co, based in NYC (went bankrupt in 1936) and they supplied primarily commercial kitchens as well as imported under their name various kitchen tools from Europe that they didn’t manufacture (or had manufactured for them abroad).


Good, you finally resolved the mystery.

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I have a similar knife & a 10" which recently died after 50 years in my possession. I got the big one at an estate auction. I saw it in a box of miscellaneous kitchen stuff & made a note to bid on that box. Well, when it came up for auction didn’t the auctioneer pull the knife out & auction it separately. I had to pay 6 whole dollars for that knife. Now that particular knife is stamped Solingen. However the smaller knife is probably a Thiers knife which is what you knife looks like. They are great knives. I have a couple links somewhere I’ll look for.

There’s a whole thread here: R.I.P. Old Friend.....

DH&M went through several iterations, and sold more than pots and pans.

Their commercial and institutional ranges were among the world’s finest.

I liked the story of these knives and it’s good that you found out information about them.

off brand restaurant equipment ,like some knives are branded William Sonoma for example , while they do not manufacture anything they are reseller , most likely a US based business .