Detroit Pizza in [Detroit]

Where would you go and which pizza would you order if you were passing through Detroit at dinner time, and wanted Detroit Pizza?

Thanks for any ideas or recs.

Three Detroit Pizza joints make a best list, a post from 2019

I’m far from an expert since I don’t get to Detroit all that frequently, but we loved Michigan and Trumbull when we were there last (2022). Crispy cheese edges abounding and really flavorful, long-fermented (or at least fermented-tasting) crust. We had the Long Drive Home and the Cowabunga Supreme - both excellent. The Packard Pepperoni (hold the honey, please) also appeals - just pepperoni is the classic Detroit topping and what I grew up eating. Their white pizzas also look great but something about a white Detroit just feels wrong to me. I’d give the Farnsworth Funghi a whirl if I had a red waiting in the wings as backup, though!


Thank you!