Détour restaurant (Paris 9)

Détour is a tiny restaurant, the love child of a couple devoted to excellent product and innovative but precise cooking. Modern plates, a no choice but very approachable menu, such sweet service. I don’t know the exact cost at this moment but am sure that it is under €50 oer person for a 5 course dinner, This is one of our top picks in Paris today for delicious, interesting plates served with genuine hospitality and with very good price/value.



Thanks for the confirmation. I have this on my wish list for good value for money, especially lunch. Paris has just too many good restaurants, choices can be difficult.

It sure does!

Seriously, this one needs to go to the top of your list. Everyone i’ve sent there has said that I undersold it.

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It’s on my list. But there’s no chance I’ll ever get to most of the places on my list.

See my reply to naf! I’m really serious about this one,

I’ll do my best to get there the next time we’re in Paris!

And, as you suggested, we went a couple of nights ago. Splurging, we each got the 50euro chef’s tasting menu and didnt regret it. A couple of off the charts amuses: one peanut based and the other a cherry tomato stuffed and glazed as a candy apple would be. Off the shell plump oysters (the size of mussels), slightly cooked, in a black olive & olive oil drizzle. Rognon of bunny w/pickled radishes, small slice of pig’s foot, cod, 1/4 quail (off the bone) with foie in a puff pastry, panna cotta w/fresh strawberries and basil ice cream — all great stuff. Small portions (of course) with a cumulative “I’m really full” effect. Nice red Chinon for 30euros went with all courses, as owner recommended. Menu changes daily, as one would expect, so your mileage may vary. We left very happy.


Thanks to @Pilgrim. We made a quick reservation for a 1pm lunch last Friday, called a day before. The chef answered the phone, asked if we had allergies etc.

The restaurant is located a few streets from Boulevard Haussmann. Arrived 17 minutes late due to traffic issue, I received a call from the restaurant at 13h15, kindly asked if we would be arriving. The restaurant was 2/3 full, not bad for a Friday with a Thursday public holiday, most French were out of town.

For lunch, there was only 1 menu of 3 courses tasting menu, so choice was easy. I asked for more information on the courses to decide on wine. I had a glass of sauvignon blanc from Jean François Mérieau - L’arpent des Vaudons. Fresh and fruity.

I believe the restaurant is managed by a couple, the house manager proposed that we did a guessing game and she would let us know the ingredients when we finished the dish. Some dishes has been mentioned by @SteveR up post.

Amuse bouche - Cherry tomato façon pomme d’amour, i.e. candied tomato
with garlic cream and mustard flowers

Entrée - Beetroot cooked in a salt crust, beetroot chips and tops, lemon vinaigrette, rabbit kidney with grated chocolate

Main - Cod in a red wine sauce, bone marrow, 2 radishes
The match was done well between the beef, wine and fish. My favourite dish of the meal.

Main - Carré of piglet, sweet potato and sweet potato with sesame purée, meat juice

Dessert - parsley sirop ice cream, balsamic vinegar, buttermilk cream and a crisp

Bread was excellent, and was supplied by Thierry Breton (Chez Michel) from his bakery. Most of our guess was correct, but there were some subtle ingredients we didn’t get it right, like parsley ice cream. The manager explained to us, the same meal would be served at night but with a few more dishes. She said the challenge for lunch for the chef was to have dégustation menu but to serve the plates quickly. Dinner was easier, as longer time could be assigned between dishes. She sometimes helped the chef for dressage but never in cooking. So a kudos for a 1-chef kitchen for the impressive food.

If there were criticisms, we find the portions were a bit small, maybe we could have more bread. The place is promising. For 29€, don’t wait, go quickly! We will be back.


Looks like Détour is going to be a miss, too, like Maison. A Parisian friend of ours tried to reserve by e-mail and never got a reply. I sent an e-mail a week ago and never got a reply. I telephoned two days ago and got a message that their voice mail box was full, and that the phone company was désolé that they couldn’t help. I tried calling again today and got a message telling me that the line had been disconnected. Dommage.

Very strange. This number 01 45 26 21 48? Lunch seemed relatively easy to reserve, I saw empty tables.

Yes, that’s the number I called. Although I must say that the phone service in our hotel has been strange lately.

Just called, the voice message of the restaurant said they are closed for a professional project.

No luck for you, and the weather sucks! :expressionless:

I’ll say!

And war today. Place d’Italie and Bd Mangenta.

Getting to the Grand Palais today for the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition was almost like going through a war zone.

Tomorrow should be back to normal. But next Sat… hard to say.

WOW. Looks wonderful …

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Ok, NOW I know what had happened!!

The chef is one of the candidate of this year’s Top Chef!!! The season starts today!


So, you think we have a chance for this November?