Dessert ideas for Latin themed menu?

I’m not a dessert kind of person so always have trouble with this course for dinner parties. My plan thus far is to serve (totally open to changing this up) queso and corn chips to start, shredded beef (chuck roast) probably with sopes or tortillas, a pot of beans, cheese stuffed plantains or poblanos, Mexican style rice, probably a cabbage salad.

I don’t need to have a dessert that is necessarily Latin in nature, just one that would pair well. Due to guests dietary restrictions, I need to avoid chocolate and a heavy on the dairy dessert. They seem to be able to eat cheese but aren’t able to handle ice cream or cream sauces.

Ideas are certainly also welcome for different ideas for my current menu.

Flan is one that immediately comes to mind.

I agree on flan, but you could do something with fried ripe plantains as a dessert if you want to avoid dairy. (On the other hand, you serving two cheese things already, so maybe dairy isn’t that much of a problem…)

Has been a few years but I made this cake many times. It is easy and light and the sauce is delicious. I even found this link to the cake. I made it with both fresh and frozen berries was good both ways. But even plain fruit would be nice after such a dinner!

sorry, can’t get link to copy for some reason. recipe is from silver palate "new basics’ cookbook and can be found thru google.

I was going to suggest a lemon or lime or raspberry dessert too. The menu sounds great but after that I’d love a citrus/tart dessert.

Key lime pie (but probably too much dairy)

Lemon curd with berries.

Strawberry pie could be great too.

I’ve made these a few times - I love this combination of white chocolate and lemon with strawberries.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I agree on flan, if it’s not too much dairy. See Epicurious for “The Perfect Flan”

Maybe fruit empanadas - baked,not fried,

I’m thinking mexican cocadas- basically a mexican macaroon cookie with coconut and nuts. Alongside street style fresh mango slices sprinkled with chili powder and a squeeze of lime.

On your menu sopes would likely be more exciting for guests since they aren’t as common as tortillas, and I’m thinking the stuffed poblanos to add some veg

Dolce de Leche cake would also be a classic, but requires a little more effort.

I also do a strawberry salad that is easy and goes with most anything. Slice some strawberries and toss with 1 tsp sugar, 2 tsp Cointreau, and a dash of neutral oil like sunflower. Let marinate 30 mins and serve with a dollop of cream whipped with orange zest and homemade shortbread fingers. You could leave out the wc for the lactose intolerant.

Really easy and always a winner.

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