Demeyere stainless steel pans: Pan-searing tofu, making crepes - will stick?

Does anyone have experience with any of Demeyere’s steel pans to pan-sear tofu or make crepes? Will it stick?

Most foods will release from stainless steel provided…

1.) You get the pan to the correct temp, then add oil and food.

2.) Don’t touch/move it until the food has browned/crust formed.

The problem with crepes is that the “correct temp” is a little high for perfect crepes. Your timing needs to be pretty good, and you still may end up with them too brown.

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I would say you’re better off with a well seasoned carbon steel pan or even better a good quality non stick pan for this.

You can certainly do it in ply pans, but you have to have excellent temperature control for it to work.


I’ve used the Demeyere searing pan to make crepes quiet successfully. Not too brown and no sticking. Crepes in a SS pan are not difficult if you get the pan up to temperature. The Searing Pan is better for this due to the low walls, just a like a crepe pan.

I’ve not tried tofu, however.