Demeyere Searing Pan on Sale

$40 off retail on a somewhat uncommon pan.

This has been $159 on Amazon for the last couple of years and $99 before that. I got one at an additional discount but only rarely use it for things like tomahawk steaks where a normal pan wouldn’t work. I made a dutch baby (the pancake - simmer down, folks) in it once and it was good, but any pan could’ve done that. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t buy it. The sides are low, so it gets splatter everywhere.


This is now “on sale” too - at twice what it used to be “on sale” for everywhere, not just at Zwilling.

It was $99.99 then. At that price, I bought one. It’s a great pan. I use it a lot. But at $200? No bargain here. I think there was an intermediate time when the “sale” price was $159.99.

Once upon a time you could actually get either of those for $79. For about a decade you could build a nice little battery of Demeyere on the cheap just by shopping various promos and sales. At different times at least a half dozen different pans have been available for under $100. Those days are probably gone.