Demeyere Industry5 Covered Sauté Pan

Sur La Table has this 3qt version on sale for $99. It gets good reviews, but I trust you all more than random reviewers. I have an all clad copper core which warped. Oh, and I hate it. Does anyone have any info on this? Is it very heavy? I can’t get to the store to check it out in person for a couple of weeks and don’t want to wait that long!! Thanks all!

I don’t know the pan you are referring to, but I am very happy with my Demeyere Atlantis sauce pan. It heats more evenly than anything else I own.

Thanks -is it heavy and does the handle stay cool?

It’s a sauce pan, so it has two small handles on either side.
Is it heavy? Well, it’s not light, but not overly heavy. The bottom is thick and 5 layers, or something, but the walls are thin, which keeps the weight down.

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Now I’m at this one vs
this one

I can get the Atlantis from Zwilling for $287.99

What do you think?

What I see from the two links is that the Atlantis has a 2mm copper layer, and the Industry5 has a 3mm aluminum layer. I don’t know, but I doubt that there is much difference between them. If I were looking to buy a new piece, I think I’d let myself be persuaded by the bigger discount.


I hate when people don’t tell you the outcomes on things! So, I got the 3 quart industry and returned it. It was so small - it fit into my All Clad! On the positive side, it was not heavy. Then I went on the Zwilling sale site and got the Atlantis 5.1 quart. I ordered it Thursday and it came Friday! It is the right size - same as the All Clad but with much higher sides. It is truly beautiful and the bottom is so, so flat it sits perfectly on my glass top burner, unlike my All Clad that spins. But, it is very heavy. That will be a challenge but I’m keeping it. It’s just so pretty. Haven’t used it yet - I will today!Demeyer%201
Edited to say - Made bacon which cooked end to end. Have to get used to the great heat distribution so I don’t overcook!



It looks right at home in your kitchen!


I love that think disc bottom. So nice.

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In a perfect world, I would own both the Industry 5 and the Atlantis Saute Pans. Industry 5 is a fully clad pan, and I prefer that uniform heating for applications like braising in the oven. It can saute adequately well but is more versatile because it heats uniformly in the oven.

The Atlantis is better suited for pure saute and that enormous seven-layer disk bottom distributes high heat much better than the Industry 5 three-layer fully clad design.

Sorry for the off topic question…is your range Electrolux? If so, what’s your impressions, pro/con? Thx!

We don’t have it anymore. Pro: it was gorgeous. Con: piece of crap. Fan has to be replaced within the first year. Burners stopped working. Got rid of the thing and got an induction.

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Thanks. I put one (gas) in a MIL unit and have the same opinion as you do.

And customer service is abysmal

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winecountrygirl, What type of induction range did you put in (and are you happy with it). I’m in the early stages of planning a kitchen remodel and will be switching to induction.

We got an LG and loved it . That said, we moved and we are building a house. I ordered a Bosch benchmark. What I like about it is that the induction works anywhere on the cooktop so it can accommodate any size pan. I do some big braises where I need to use more than one burner so this should be great.