Demeyere Industry 5 Flat-Bottomed Wok

On sale now for 99 Euro, was 189 Euro.

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Interesting, thanks. The US Zwilling and Amazon websites don’t admit this wok exists.

What do you think of the side-ears instead of the typical single handle? I don’t know if I could get used to them.

Maybe if I cooked induction or other flat surface instead of gas, and wasn’t in the habit of lifting/tossing the wok, it wouldn’t matter at all. I can def see the benefit for ease of carrying.

Edit - I currently have a flat-bottom wok (super cheapo from Aldi) but am considering getting a round-bottom.

Other than being suitable for use on induction/ceramic flat top surfaces, are there any advantages to the flat-bottom wok? Or looking at it from the other direction, if cooking on gas, is round-bottom “better” than flat?

For me, I think there is no advantage to a flat bottom wok (other than it works on electric). Woks of the same size, will have steeper sides on the flat bottom model, and require way more oil to fry… not really what makes a Wok so great (which is why I don’t own one since I cook mostly on electric).

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Side ears are fine. I like stick handles better, though.

IMO, the only advantage of a flat bottom is dispensing with a ring. I consider the lack of a small, central pool of oil to be a big disadvantage. If you have gas, I’d stick with round.

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