Delicious surimi recipes?

Not much of a recipe but I have thrown it into fettucine alfredo before with mushrooms too. Tasted not bad.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Many are interesting, I have chosen Ceviche de Jaiba, as surimi isn’t a substitute but an essential ingredient.

I made it some 2 weeks ago, adding avocado :avocado:. It was light and refreshing with the lime juice, would be even better for summer. Thanks!


Glad you liked it. It’s one of my favorites, even though I’m not a surimi fan.

Next time, try chopping everything up smaller. You can chop the surimi or shred it, but it should be in small pieces so it marinates with the lime and other ingredients. It totally changes the flavor profile when the surimi is chopped up because it integrates with the other ingredients.



Thanks! You are very right, I didn’t look carefully at the photo of the recipe, will try again.

Those actually look pretty good for a surimi recipe. I may have to try them. Unfortunately, where I live, real crab is insanely expensive. Canned crab is typically vile.

It’s funny, but I’ve had real crab ceviche many times, and I prefer the surimi version! It just has a better mouth-feel to it.

You can also add chopped chrimp to it to make a shrimp-krab ceviche. Also very good.

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