Delicious, porky, spicy, fatty goodness

Mixed into oatmeal or congee

Interesting! I’m exploring grains, including savory oatmeal!

I like the sound of this one.

As I grow older the thought of sweet oatmeal is becoming increasingly repulsive.

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Are you the one who doesn’t like butter?


I see. I think butter might be one of the best parts of eating oatmeal.

How about

one pot spicy nduja aubergine lentil stew

Ooooo! With sous vide salt cod confit!

I just remembered I also have this, that I stir into things when I remember.

Uh oh- It’s been more than 30 days.

I thought for sure I was going to get stopped at customs for bringing meat from Italy, but it was like they asked questions to prevent me from blurting out “I have meat”!


Funny. Just the thought of oatmeal is repulsive to me - sweet or savory.


I’m with you there.
Like a bowl of glue.


I know it’s healthy and filling, but so are wood clippings.

When I had to stay at my maternal grandmother’s place (hated her), I had the wonderful choice between porridge with sugar, or porridge with salt. I think I choked down the sweetened version, but it’s neither visually nor texturally appealing. Big fat nope.

And the last thing I’d waste on that pasty ish is nduja.


No different than Greek yogurt in many ways.

But I get what you’re saying.

I have never knowingly eaten it which is odd because everything about funky, spicy, spreadable sausage appeals to me. I wonder where in my area I can find it?

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I don’t know where you live, but you can google ‘nduja near me.’ Push comes to shove, online ordering is your friend :slight_smile:

I’m in the DC area. Says that lots of grocery stores, e.g. Balducci’s, have it but I’ve been tricked before. I’ll check at my local cheesemonger this weekend.

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I like, almost love oatmeal cookies and occasionally crave granola, but I’ve only eaten oatmeal once or twice and it didn’t do a thing for me. I just don’t like hot cereals or gruel/porridge of any kind.

I was in the hospital in Taiwan and every morning the breakfast was rice porridge (congee) with various packaged toppings like pork floss or shaved, dried fish. There were no other choices and after the first time eating it, I chose to go without breakfast the entire time I was in the hospital.

In Japan, sick people are usually served “okayu”, the Japanese version of congee. I don’t like it, either but will eat “ojiya” or “zosui” which are MUCH more flavorful rice porridge dishes and often made with the leftover broth, etc. from hotpot. And when I was sick, I’d make “okayu” at home with an egg or leftover broiled salmon in it. But in general, I’m not a fan of hot cereals whether they be sweet or savory.


There is absolutely nothing about oatmeal (hot or cold, sweet or savory, with or without toppings/add-ins) that appeals to me. Same goes for congee.

If I had no teeth and no tastebuds and had overall given up on life, maybe. But we’re not there yet :wink:


Not a fan of oatmeal cookies or granola either?


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I’m with you on the hot oatmeal/porridge aversion - never could gag it down beginning in childhood. I do, however, like oatmeal cookies and will eat oats in granola.

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I don’t eat a lot of cookies, so when I do, I’m picky. Oatmeal doesn’t even make the top 5.

Granola is ok, but I just don’t care for cereal/sweet breakfast in general. Gimme eggs, gimme bacon, gimme cheese… anything non-sugary and substantial.


For the record, it probably goes without saying, but the form of oatmeal you start with makes and. “Instant” oatmeal doesn’t have a lot in common with steel cut.

Really good granola has always appealed to me, but I am more likely to make it and give it as gifts because nutrtionaly, the risks of the sweet versions can outweigh the benefits.

Currently I am re-trying a bunch of grain recipes I can prep and have on hand, and rolled oats are in the rotation!

My MIL makes a supersweet version of “porridge” with hominy and condensed milk, and it is one of the things on a very short list that I refuse to eat, even as a visitor in someone’s home.