Deli Man documentary

I watched Deli Man on Amazon video yesterday and definitely recommend it. Very sweet, funny, and nostalgic about delis past and present. Make sure you have some deli food while you’re watching it because you will be starving!

I just started watching Amazon video, and they have many food-related documentaries. I had no idea.
Next up, The Search for General Tso.


I had lunch at Kenny & Ziggy’s last week.

As my Houston peeps can attest, I love that place.

Lucky! If I ever get to Houston, that will be my first place to go.

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Ever tried this: Roumanian Steak at Kenny and Ziggy’s

I’ve just gone for a sandwich the when I’ve gone but maybe I’ll try this sometime.

I haven’t, but I saw that article and looked it up to see exactly what it is.

As big as K&Z’s menu is, I rarely get anything other than a pastrami or corned beef sandwich. It’s too too good to pass up.

I’ve had a few other things, (kreplach, chicken salad, etc), but I always go back to those half pound sandwiches and that incredible potato salad.

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Here’s a very funny New York Times review of Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse on the the Lower East Side:


I missed it in the theater, hopefully it will come to On Demand or Netflix.

It’s on netflix

Oh wonderful, thanks I’ll look for it!

Sorry, Lambowner - it’s on Amazon prime video streaming… I knew it was somewhere!

This won’t be of much interest to anyone other than those of us in Houston but Kenny and Ziggy’s is planning a second location in West U (and eventually one in Austin).

Culture Map article

I started last night and loved it, but now I’m craving deli. There are none that are close though and sadly. I found the opening statement to be very sad - how many delis there used to be and now there are 150 in North America, I remember a thread on CH about delis - people mostly complaining that the sandwiches are too big and not healthy. No kidding, but they still have a place. A few of us were defending them. Also, it’s a culture and it will be disappearing. In the documentary they mentioned a couple of dishes I had forgotten about like potted meatballs. My grandmother would always throw some in with her potted chicken or pot roast. Her pot roast was brisket. Grandma’s apartment always smelled great - and you could smell the cooking from the lobby of the building.

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Well drat!

It’s also available to buy on DVD from Amazon.

Here’s a link to watch online free- make sure you have adblock on if you use these free streaming sites. Depending your connection, you may need to pause and let it load a bit first.

I’m going to watch now, thanks for the rec.


I heard Ziggy interviewed this week on Eric Sandler’s podcast, and now I’m watching this movie again on YouTube. Ziggy’s moving his deli down the road to a vacated Luby’s, and he’s going to make a deli-palooza out of it, a massive location with full bar, bakery and I don’t know what all else. He says he’s doing well during all this and now is making his own pastrami since his supplier ceased production due to Covid. His is better and he may market it in stores (He said).

Edit: I thought this was on the Houston forum.

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I’m very glad he’s able to not only survive through the pandemic but thrive and expand.

The new location is open. Anyone been yet?

It’s been a long time since this post but I was at a large group business dinner at Sammy’s maybe 35 years ago. Two questions:

  1. Is it still there and pretty much the same?
  2. Do they still serve vodka in bottles encased in ice?

That dinner is ‘embalmed ’ in my memory for lots of reasons.

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I still love that review. Cracks me up every time I read it.
Unfortunately, it looks like Sammy’s is now closed.