December 2019 Openings and Closings [Boston, New England]

What’s new? What’s closed?

My guess is that the (temporary?) closing of Border Cafe due to fire will not affect many of us dining-wise. Sorry for the folks whose jobs are affected…


My kids love Border Cafe (must be the chips) and it definitely served a purpose as a quick go to in the square. Ironically one of them asked to go there for dinner just last week, so they got one last? hurrah there. Church Street and much of the surrounding area was completely blocked off yesterday. I was relieved the damage was not worse and no one injured based on the magnitude of the response. With all the changes in the neighborhood it will be interesting to see if Border reopens. While not my first choice food wise, Border was one of the few family budget friendly places left in Harvard Square.


The Loading Dock in Belmont closed last week.

That’s kind of sad, a friend’s daughter got her first job there and they treated her well.

I always liked Border Cafe, as my children did way back when. Certainly not Angela’s or any of the other more “authentic” Mexican outposts, but it always did a good job filling the cavity. Hope they make it back.
Always Enjoyed,


Swissbäkers has closed all of their locations:

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Oh no! All those folks out of a job at the holidays!! I hope they all find something soon.

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That’s sad - we will miss their Berliner

Lumiere in Newton will close in February. I have never been - worth trying to go before it closes?

Shake Shack at Arsenal Yards is open for take out only.


I haven’t been in years, but I always enjoyed it when I did go.

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I will disagree. Although I thought it was lovely, I can’t see you kicking yourself for missing anything in particular.

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Posto is now open in Bedford. This is the restaurant’s second location, the first being in Davis Square. Comella’s was previously in the space at the Bedford Marketplace.

Okay, the Bedford branch actually opened at the end of November but we just noticed it now.

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So this is interesting! Has anyone been to the original and is it good? I have a real need for a decent Italian place in the Bedford/Burlington area (I miss Cafe Luigi SOOO much!) for some colleagues who visit our office regularly from out of town. Nino on 3rd Avenue in Burlington has decent food but is the polar opposite of cosy and welcoming.

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I’ve generally enjoyed the original. Excellent neapolitan pizzas! Had a fantastic octopus salad one time. Went back and the salad was quite disappointing on return. Nice cocktails too.


I have not been to either Posto myself yet.

We still miss the late Cafe Luigi—as basic and unpretentious as you could have wanted, and always packed with happy diners wiping copious amounts of red sauce off our faces.

P.S. Not Italian but: My husband sometimes takes work visitors to Holi in Bedford provided that the visitor’s spice tolerance is good. It’s been a solid choice for Indian food, if not destination-worthy, and the room is quiet enough for a comfortable conversation.

When he really wants to treat an out-of-towner close to the office, it’s over to Island Creek for the (pricey) buttered lobster roll. He says that the Burlington location is really like Row 34, only under the Island Creek name.

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Yes, we like Holi very much in my office and love to take folks there but these particular visitors have a very narrow range of eating preferences. Their loss!

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Posto is definitely an improvement over Comella’s. I think you would be very happy to have as a local option. However if you are looking for a workday lunch place check the hours as the Davis location is not open for lunch last I checked. For work dinners it would be great, good food without being ‘expense account’ expensive.

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Perfect, thanks!!

Without Googling, isn’t there a fancier version of Posto (Osteria) in that monstrous building overlooking 128 near the Waltham/Lex line?

We went to the neighboring “The Local” for a particularly disastrous meal several months ago.

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