Deals in e-cookbooks (new additions every other day)

Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss by Rose Levy Beranbaum is currently $1.99 on kindle (US).

Thanks, just got it.

@CaitlinM @jammy
What’s your favourite in the book?

Farmer’s Cheesecake. I could eat a whole one by myself without any self control or shame whatsoever.

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Everything looks so good. Reading now, want to make Malakofftorte and Sacher-Torte.

@naf, I haven’t used it, just just snapped it up myself.

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EYB’s compilation of current deals:

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A few good deals at the moment.

A couple of Chetna Makan’s book are at 1.99 (Chai, Chaat, Chutney and Easy Baking).

Kachka, Snacking Cakes, Dinner in French, and more at good prices for kindle too.

(I’ve recommended Pangat before, but I’ll do so again given Maharashtrian cuisine is one of the choices up for COTQ.)

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Excited to find this one on Kindle sale for 1.99 – I have the hardcover.

Heirloom Kitchen: Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women


Thanks for the post and the recco! I had some credits, and got the Kindle version for 61 cents. Looking forward to reading and being inspired by it.


Baking with Dorie (which was a BCOTM here) is currently $1.99 for Kindle.


The Book on Pie by Erin Jeanne McDowell is currently $1.99 on Kindle, iBook, and Nook. This book is majorly praised.


Thanks, for once its available at that price in Canada

Awesome - nabbed one!

100 Cookies is currantly free to borrow on Kindle Unlimited:


The Ama cookbook is $2.99 on kindle (a previous COTM on Chowhound).


Luisa Weiss’s Classic German Baking, a great book, is now on sale at Amazon


Rukmini Iyer’s sheet pan book is 1.99 (in the UK it’s called The Roasting Tin)

I’ve borrowed it a few times so 1.99 was an easy decision. The timing and combination charts are very helpful.


I keep nominating this one for COTM, and it’s 2.99 right now so why not.


I bought the Silverton “book” for 1.59 just now - we will see - 24 recipes and only two reviews showing, both scornful - maybe you wanna add a positive review! I can see the logic of giving recipes for “pantry” ingredients, which to me sound like expensive condiments we buy for one dish and may not use again. Having paged though it now, Im surprised how many of these pantry items I dont have in my very full pantry. It also seems to have been lifted from her other book without some relevant materials - Im assumng a glossary of highlighted items - and the recipes are mostly eggs and pasta dishes. I can see cooking some of these. which recipes do you like?

Kindle deals are becoming increasingly rare for me. I see a kindle book on the US amazon site advertised for say 2.99 but when I click on the book page, the peice increases sometimes tenfold. Is this only happening to me? Maybe it’s because I’m an European customer, and amazon increasingly wants me to shop on my local amazon site. Too bad!

Maybe the deals on the UK site will work for you