Darto N30 30 cm 4 mm - my Christmas gift

So I just found out my dads giving me the Darto N30 30 cm 4 mm thick carbon steel pan for Christmas.

He thought he had ordered it, but he called me and said the order unfortunately didn’t go through for some reason.

So he asked me to order the pan for him now :smile:

So I just placed the order and my god, shipping from Argentina to Denmark is still free of charge.

Still don’t quite know what I’m going to use the pan for as I only sear steaks in my carbon steel pans and I rarely ever sear more than two steaks at a time, once in a while 3.
But I guess if we’re having guests over and they want steaks for dinner, the 30 cm should be able to sear 4 large steaks in one pan.
The Darto N27 I own can sear 2-3 large steaks, so the N30 cm should manage 4.

I’m afraid I just bought another dust collector, hope not, but with the amount of pans I own I’m afraid so.

Anyone who bought the Darto N30 ?
What’s your thoughts on it ?


I have one, and several other Darto pans as well…the 30cm 4mm pan is a beast…as thick as a cast iron pan… I seasoned mine up and it’s in my regular rotation when I need a big ass carbon steel or cast iron pan. I love mine.


It’s fortuitous that the 4mm thickness started out as a mistake–as I alerted people on the “other board”. Daarto couldn’t wait to offload them.

Looks like they’ve now become popular. It would totally figure if the driver here was a technical one, i.e., the tonnage of the press.

Hi Claus,

Congrats on your Christmas gift! Nice gesture. Hope you and the rest of the cookware community here have a happy holiday season!


Same to you, Damiano.

We’re home alone for the second Christmas in a row.

Last year my wife had Corona, now she thinks it’s the flu.

Merry Christmas !

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Sorry to hear that, Claus. Hope she recovers quickly!

Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår

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Same to you, Alexander

Glædelig jul !

I have the Darto Paella n.35 (also 4mm thick) and LOVE IT. Huge footprint but that just allows me to flip the meat over onto a freshly heated section of the pan. Thanks to all you guys promoting Darto, I’m a total convert and preaching to the masses!

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