Darto BOGO

Starts today. dartointernational.com

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Do you strongly recommend these pans?

I look at them every time you post a sale link, but I haven’t been able to justify yet another pan purchase… yet :upside_down_face:

I think they’re excellent carbon steel pans. If you need to look into Darto more, I suggest you visit eGullet, where many posters rave about them. I don’t recall anyone posting here or there that they dislike them or regret buying Darto.

That being said, carbon steel as a material and surface is pretty fungible. The sorting mechanisms for choice are thickness, size, handle ergonomics, price, and minor shape differences. At one point Darto was the only maker offering 4mm thickness–don’t know about today.

MadeIn is already pretty heavy at 2mm.

I wouldn’t consider heavier a feature at this point in my usage (I don’t like using cast iron for that reason among others).

Doesn’t matter as much for the small pans though – the 15 is what I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Do you own any Darto pans?

I got rid of all my carbon steel. But I handle all I can get my hands on.

Check the weights. Almost always the carbon in Xcm is lighter than cast iron in Xcm. And the handle balance is better.

It’s the thickness that matters, not the weight. I doubt you’d be happy with a 2mm carbon pan.