Darto Annual Presale Begins

From today until sold out.

presale doesn’t seem to be available on www.dartointernational.com which is the only place to order when shipping internationally as far as i can tell.

Huh. Maybe I’m on the wrong notification list.

Edit: I think you’re right. when you select the International Buyers tab, on the .org site, the Prices aren’t marked down.

Perhaps an email asking for the sale price is in order?

I tried to order three pieces from the original language site. Alas No hay opciones de envío disponibles para esta dirección (There are no shipping options available for this address–eg mine in CA)

I first read about Darto on chowhound, maybe rec’d by you Kaleo–thanks!

YVW. Any time.

I was actually awaiting for a new pan release based on their Instagram story earlier during the week, but I guess Google translator and their december product teaser tricked me into it.

The sale already ended, but it reads here this was only locally for Argentina.:

This here then is the product teaser from december, I remember in comments they talked about cnc machining.:



Just got this from Darto:
We will publish on www.dartointernational.com and send notifications via email when the next international sale will happen.


Those prices seem less scary. Was the first link in a different currency?

the original had prices in Argentine Pesos. doing the math, the sales prices were apx. 30%-40% off the USD retail. great deal.

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