Darto 4mm x 30cm Saute"

Alarash was right: Claus is going to buy this pan.

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Yeahhh I’m getting it, Alarash was right after all - I just told my wife I would like to get it for Christmas :relaxed:

I can vouch for the heat retention of this pan. We just had an electricity cut off for a minute or two, my burgers were still sizzling when it came back :). This is one of my favorite pans on my new induction cooktop.


I gave my pan to my father, as he enjoys carbon steel pans.

I seasoned it to perfection and cooked some steaks on his induction cooktop using the pan.

Turns out his induction cooktop turns off each time I’m using this heavy monster of a pan.

It is a crappy Bosch induction cooktop, but still it’s a bummer this thick monster pan doesn’t work on his induction cooktop.

He has thought about getting a new cooktop - but his other pans work ok, so I think the carbon steel pan will be sold soon LOL

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Is there enough ventilation for the cooktop? I had a similar problem with the largest hob, until I realized the fans may not get enough cooling airflow for the heat. I found that if I prop open the cabinet door under the cooktop, the problem is solved. Eventually, I’ll cut some vents into the doors, but for now, it works very well.


So maybe if I place a big fan infront of the pan, when I use it, you think it could solve the problem ?

I’ll try that next time I use the pan - otherwise I’m selling it soon.

Thanks for your suggestion and help.

Oh, bummer. Never had that happen on mine.

The Darto n30 essentially needs a 28cm (if circular) induction hob to work well.

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A fan in front of the pan is only going to cool what’s in it. The fans under the induction coils are what need cooling. My crappy Bosch cooktop is mounted on top of a cabinet that has two doors on it. Opening one door, or even just having a 5 cm gap by propping it open, allows the fans to draw in enough cool air to keep the cooktop cool from underneath, which will stop it from shutting off. Hopefully this works for you.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I use that exact same pan without issue when I do this.


I can’t open any doors or cupboards under the induction coils unfortunately.

I’m just going to sell the pan.

The weird thing is that my father uses a De Buyer 32 cm Mineral B pan each day on the exact same induction plate/coil without any issues at all. These two pans weigh almost the same.

Darn, I was hoping that would solve your problem. Hopefully, you can regain some of your money with the sale.

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It’s not really my problem though - I cook on gas at my home.

It’s only when I viasit my father 3-4 times a month, I have to cook on his induction unit.

I still vastly prefer gas, even though there prorably are some health issues with cooking on gas, that many don’t consider - gas just works for me.

yes, it’s hot to cook on gas during the summe season.

Induction definitely also has its benefits, but I’ll always prefer gas.

I’ll sell the big Darto along with a Skeppshult 28cm cast iron grill pan I also gave my father.
He never cooks on it, and I understand him.