Dalgona coffee anyone?

Anyone enjoying this whipped coffee trend? Iced or hot?


I was thinking about it but apparently you need instant coffee as this creates the most stable coffee foam. I don’t have any instant coffee. I watch a lot of James Hoffman videos on YouTube about coffee. He owns a coffe roasters in London and his videos are always good. His methods on cafetiere coffe and moka pots have really improved my coffee making. His most recent video is on Dalgona coffee.

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I used powered espresso.

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I didn’t enjoy it.


My BF and I made this yesterday as he wanted my Instagram and blog to be “trending”. LOL

It’s all over YouTube but most are calling it “whipped coffee”.

We found a bottle of Instant Bustello so used that along with hot water, sugar, and some cocoa powder. It whipped almost identically as seen in videos. Lathered atop iced milk.

Review: texture wise, it’s a homerun. Its essentially a reversed coffee with whipped cream. Interesting mouth feel and fun seeing it come together in the bowl. Flavor wise, a big MEH. Too bitter, does not mix well with milk, gets all over your lips, and you can feel the caffeine surging through you. I suppose this would change with regular coffee. The amount of sugar needed for this to actually taste good would be a turn off for me since I do not use sugar in my coffee.

But alas, it makes for a nice presentation:


Agree on all counts. My niece txt’d me about the fuss.

I’d rather just whip Thai coffee with crushed ice. Or make a coffee ice cream milkshake. Which my niece is trying next.


My daughter made this this morning! Also shared on Instagram. We happened to have some Jamaican Blue mountain instant. She says the recipe called for whisking by hand for 17 minutes! Fortunately my son’s immersion blender with a dozen attachments included a whisk. It reminded me of a meringue when done. I didn’t taste it as it seemed like it would be too intense.

After looking through my spices for cinnamon, she posted the spices as well, and a friend posted her parent’s spice stash as well. I’m pretty sure I recognized that pantry as someone’s here on HO.


I have a V60 cone which I use to make coffee just for myself. When it gets warmer I think I’ll get some condensed milk and start making Vietnamese iced coffee.


I made this using supermarket instant coffee. The taste very much reminded me of the frappes I used to drink when I lived in a Greek neighborhood; those were made with Greek Nescafe, which is like rocket fuel. The texture is very intriguing, though I may have overwhipped it. I really would love to make this with some of the good instant coffee that the third-wave coffee roasters, like Equator and Ritual here in the Bay Area, have been bringing out recently.


If you try pls post your results. Thxs.

I too am used to the Nescafé frappes we enjoyed in Greece. I’m anxious to try this. I’ll be using Medaglia D’Oro espresso powder for it. I will post results and pics. Thanks for posting this @Rooster.

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Neither did I.

I made it with Taster’s Choice freeze dried, and it was very bitter. Because I can’t throw anything out, I experimented with 2 tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of hot water, and a tablespoon of Dutch process cocoa powder. That was an epic fail. The cocoa powder isn’t chemically like coffee crystals and it didn’t puff up.

Because I can’t throw anything out, I whipped the chocolate syrup into the Dalgona and came out with a nice coffee/chocolate ice cream syrup.

Happy ending, but I do not like Dalgona.

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:worried: I know; right? it’s a problem.

It can be, yes.

But in this case it led to greater things.

Try my not-quite-Dalgona for vanilla ice cream - maybe with a bit less sugar. It had a good mix of bitter and sweet, coffee/chocolate, and a nice consistency.

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She made it again! It’s very attractive!

I can’t bring myself to even try this method of coffee presentation

Its totally bS out there for likes or views. A flash in the pan. Will be gone before it’s even a memory

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Don’t think of it as a way to make coffee–think of it as a novel drink. And it’s not BS–the texture is really quite interesting, and I can see it tasting very good with a top-quality instant coffee.

A much better version.


Not such a new drink

It’s delicious if you forego the visual of the coffee mixture on top and instead beat it in a mug, then gently add hot milk and mix. A hand-cappuccino.

I wonder if Herve This’ whipped chocolate and water mousse goes viral as a new thing next…

Perhaps pudding is the way to go