Dairy ice cream, no cows needed

The science of sustainability marches on!

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Maybe I’m a Luddite, but I have a real problem with these synthetic proteins. (Not least because whey would leave me in, um, extreme digestive distress)

If you’re going to eat meat, do, if you’re not, don’t…but this cannot be a healthy answer.


I was hoping goat milk ice cream or something.

Ben & Jerrys, Haagen Dazs, and Magnum bars are all available in nondairy versions with cashew, almond, or coconut milk.

They are rich, creamy, come in amazing flavors, and even people who can eat dairy can’t tell the difference. I’ll stick with these.

They are not, however, lower in calories!

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Well if you don’t need a cow for a burger these day’s I guess this just makes sense.

We’ll have to agree to disagree, we’ve tried many and they all taste like crap to us.

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Do a blind test.

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We can tell the difference and think they all suck.

I’m only far sighted can I still do the test?

Of course, we will just have to place the ice cream very close to you.


Try the vegan offerings from Salt & Straw or Van Leeuwen. They are magnitudes better than grocery store vegan ice cream.

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I had some buffalo (or was it water buffalo) milk ice cream the other day that was pretty amazing. I was even more blown away when the waitress said there was no added sugar in this vanilla ice cream. Still not sure I believe her.

Did the ice cream not taste sweet at all?

I think I had the same gelato you did - it’s that place in Los Altos? I tried it and thought it was amazing too. But no added sugar? Anyone who makes ice cream knows that some form of sugar has to be added for it to not only taste right, but also have the right texture. It may not literally be sugar, but it can be sugar in other forms - honey, corn syrup, glucose/dextrose, etc.


It tasted perfectly sweet. Not VERY sweet, but like “lightly sweetened whipped cream”. It was at Farmstead in Napa. I don’t remember where they said they got the milk. I remember it mealted REALLY quickly.