the new Noma Guide to Fermentation has a genius low cost solution for this: use a ziploc bag and fill it with water. You just have to not overfill it so you can get it into the mouth of the jar. I did this for a batch of kim chi I just made and it works like a charm.


They totally stole that from me. I’ve made pickles using that method for years. But fill the ziploc with brine, not water, in case it leaks.

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How did it turn out?


If I recall correctly, it turned out well. On the other hand, I still have some, and it’s been four months, if that’s any measure of success.


I got inspired by this thread and did a batch myself. Mostly just wung it off a couple of those recipes, using mostly cider vinegar, salt, Mexican oregano and the juice of a half a lime. I had to top it off a bit with water, and I filled my ziploc with brine like @small_h suggested.

It’s only been going a few days, but there’s def. action going on–it hisses every time I crack the top. Will taste soon.