Culinary news in Westchester/Fairfield!

Macelleria’s Byram location has been sold. It is now called George’s. And, watch for Ocean Blue Prime Steak at the former location of La Panetiere in Rye.

Yes. That is exactly where we first had his food. His was the first pastrami cured smoked salmon I ever had. His current place in NYC, David Burke’s Townhouse, is k own for very creative ales on classics.

I had no idea they closed

I remember that meat vending place… seemed like such an odd concept, especially since there is no shortage of places to get good meat in Westchester.

I had a good meal at Sea Flame over the summer. It’s pricey, but as steakhouses go it’s not bad.
I had the Filet cooked med-rare. It was well seasoned and quite tender. Calamari app was crisp and tender, the sauteed spinach was also tasty but not over-seasoned.
Our group shared bottles of the house Pinot Noir, we were quite satisfied with the service as well.

Yes, Jacques decided to retire. And sold well, by the way. Left with memories of some fine meals there the Gallic way.

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Any news on the former Vox in North Salem?

Last time I passed by the property had been flattened and vacant. Good memories there. There was some news about the new owner still trying to reach a compromise with the town.

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Here’s the Michelin Restaurant Guide list for New York 2022:
Have you been to any? What do you think?

News 12 is reporting that Coals Pizza in Bronxville will be closing within a few weeks. Business problems are cited. Sad, they served a darn good coal fired pizza, good burgers and craft beers, too. At this point, they have remaining restaurants in Norwalk, CT., and Portland, Maine. I hear that some of the original team went into the beer business.

I see the newest additions to the Michelin Restaurant Guide 2022 for Westchester include: TVB by Pax Romana, White Plains; Chutney Masala, Irvington; and La Casa, Bronxville, and they just got here. Anyway, tried any of them yet?

How about some Italian foodie trivia? The Westchester Italian Cultural Center in Tuckahoe is hosting: ‘La Dolce Vita University Trivia Challenge’ on Friday evening, Nov. 11th, starting at 6:30 p.m. Food and wine will be served, prizes too. For ticket info:

Durian Thai Restaurant in Larchmont has put up a new sign at the former Red Lotus in New Rochelle along Route 1. Has anyone tried this eatery?

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Another steakhouse? One Rare Steakhouse is in the works at the former Zachy’s location on E. Parkway in the village of Scarsdale. Zachy’s, of course, moved after many years, to a new warehouse facility in Port Chester.

Not just another steakhouse but rather , one more of the current themed “Italian” steakhouses that are already in Pelham and Armonk (Macelleria),the greenwich one has changed already. Also Averna , in the city of Rye, and Z Prime Italian Steakhouse. Hopefully, no Chinese steakhouse in the foreseeable future

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Does anyone have experience with Sergio’s in Port Chester? My parents don’t need fancy fussy food. They like simple straight-forward Italian-American food (when they’re not eating Korean food, that is).

By the way, what the heck is a “saw pit” (which is the name of the restaurant)?

Saw pit is /was the name of a very old restaurant that (I think) was at that location from the late 50’s for about 40 years. Apparently ,before there was a Port Chester there was a section called Saw Pit. I’ve never been to the current Sergio’s / Saw pit but have been to Trattoria Vivolo which is in Harrison and is good/interesting basic Italian. I could recommend that. Lots of Italian to choose from however. Hope You find a good meal wherever you end up.

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As richb51 states, Saw Pit was the name of the original long-running restaurant in that space. So, the current owners decided to incorporate the term. Sergio’s in Port Chester can be quite good if not a bit overindulgent. If you have been to Tutta Bella in Eastchester, or Sergio’s in Pelham, you get the idea. Same ownership. All pretty popular.

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Thanks to @richb51 and @gutreactions for your input on Sergio’s. My parents moved to Port Chester recently and their condo is close by. They’re feeling shy about familiarizing themselves with the neighborhood but they like to eat out. I’ll urge them to try Sergio’s.

If I may, I would like to make several other suggestions for your parents in and around Port Chester. If they are into Indian food, try Tandoori on Westchester Ave. Very tasty. There is a surprisingly good kitchen at McShane’s, the Irish tavern on Main Street, and reasonably priced. Also liked Rosina’s just across the bridge on Mill St. in Byram.

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I would recommend that they check out Appetit Bistro. They have a $45 price fixed menu available Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday.

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