CT Magazine's Best in CT

CT Magazine’s Experts recently announced their favorite restaurants in CT. I have been to a few and have no qualms with each of them being included, they did it right. Are there any notable exceptions that people would add?

  • Union League Café, New Haven

  • Max Downtown, Hartford

  • The Restaurant at Winvian Farm, Morris

  • South End, New Canaan

  • Bailey’s Backyard, Ridgefield

  • Thomas Henkelmann, Greenwich

  • West Street Grill, Litchfield

  • Arethusa al tavolo, Bantam

  • Millwright’s, Simsbury

  • Oyster Club, Mystic

  • The Whelk, Westport

  • Community Table, Washington

BTW - When they break down by cuisine there are many that I just flat out disagree with.

What, no Cuckoos Nest? Did their bribe check bounce or something?!! Lots of these are wildly out of the way too, who the heck goes to Washington, Bantam or Morris. Odd list as usual

What’s with the preponderance of Litchfield Cty restaurants (1/3 of the best of best list)? And not one ethnic restaurant in the top tier.

Very MuffyBuffy Connecticut.

imho, Henkelman’s is riding on past reputation, it has faltered in the past couple of years. And I don’t see Rowayton Seafood anywhere. It may be old school and a bit snooty, but arguably the best seafood on the CT coast.


Agree re Litchfield County. I never thought of it before this moment, but does Connecticut Magazine target New Yorkers?

I’ve found my way to plenty of other great places to eat, many not included here. Not hard to understand why so many people feel there’s some sort of bias (financial angle) toward what places they cover. Cuckoo’s Nest is only one example.

Bullshit list compiled by hacks who got comped meals. Nobody trusts it besides the over monied PBS crowd

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Except that Bailey’s Backyard is truly terrific. Just ate there again last night. The combinations of flavors are really good. But, i get what you are saying. I don’t go by anything Westchester Magazine says - their reviews are all slanted towards advertisers.

All four of the top tier in FFD CTY that I have been to are also outstanding. South End, Bailey’s Backyard, and The Whelk all deserve accolades. Henklemann’s is just a place I went to a few years ago and is not a vibe I want at this point, dinner should be fun. There are several others that I think deserve a slot there as well.

Hopefully Biscuitboy will give more specifics of what he likes and dislikes from the list versus just slapping at a process.

Biscuitboy slaps at the process because it is flawed, biased and unethical. That ridiculous list has been a sham since it’s inception, and quite frankly, he would expect MORE from PBS. He has no time or patience for disinformation or dilettantes whose integrity can be bought for a comped meal. Biscuitboy isn’t picking on jfood and is sorry jfood is offended that everyone knows the emperor wears no clothes


Thanks so much for the compliment by using my old style over at Chowhound. It was an interesting third person style that I just fell into one day and it stuck. No longer used since the dog died a few years ago.

But back to the topic, I am not offended at all, why would I be? I was not part of the data set they contacted and included as a respondent and like you I was just a reader reading the results. But that is not my question.

There are a bunch of names of restaurants on the list. If you re-read my OP, there was a question posed…which do you agree with, disagree with, would add, not the turd in the punchbowl response that I could not care less about since it is CT Magazine’s process not mine.

Yeah, that’s what I figured…crickets.

It’s real easy to sit back and throw punches at others and with close to 200 posts on HO you have less than a handful of recommendations, and only in Middletown.

How about contributing more than just negativism, pot shots and accusations. We would all like to hear what you like and be more constructive.

Biscuitboy is flattered you are researching him, and troubled at your flawed conclusion. He is also amused that for someone who claims to have no dog in the fight for the turd-bowl list, jfood gets butthurt when it is criticized. Furthermore he sees the only person throwing punches at others is jfood. He also apologized upthread clearly stating his problem was with the list and not the poster. Biscuitboy recommends jfood mensch up, and will buy him a round…in Middletown of course, because that’s the only place he knows.

I will ask again without any other words…

Which on the list do you think do not belong or do belong, and what restaurants would you add?

No need to argue anymore or give those people any more cred. It’s like discussing just how flat the Earth is. But you know what, you have the right spirit…since we all love food here, let’s make our own list…Of places we’ve PAID to eat at. I’ll start off

BB, when you expressed your disagreement with the list and said that only ‘the over monied PBS crowd’ trust the list when the OP said ‘they did it right’ in the first post and adopted the OP’s writing style, you were more than slapping at the process.

Jfood, please refrain on commenting on specific poster’s restaurant recommendation tendencies.

I will just ask everyone to keep in mind that please debate, but please not veer into targeting participants.

As a part time writer, I often craft in the 3rd person, I don’t believe jfood has a patent on this

No jfood doesn’t. When you chose that specific timing to adopt that style, it became an issue. If you want to discuss this further, let’s take this to private message. The thread is too cluttered with discussions other than the actual list. Thank you.

I am looking forward to your list.

Until that occurs, here a summary of my favorite my favorite meals in 2015:

  • Mura Pop-Up – From the owner of Locali, Chicken Bun and Pork Ramen.
  • Fortina –Luigi Bianco pizza
  • Uncorked – Double-Double Burger
  • Bar Sugo – The soft ricotta gnocchi with chunks of lobster and morel mushrooms
  • Hoodoo Brown BBQ – The Beef Rib and Pit Beans.
  • The Cottage – Spaghetti Lobster with sea urchin and Calabrian chilies.
  • Harlan Publick – The 6-hour braised “Short Rib Stew,”
  • Amore –The Forentini pizza
  • Elm –Smoked Shortrib
  • Baldanza – “Risotto ala Pescatora”
  • Bailey’s Backyard - Sugar Hill Berkshire pork loin
  • Magee’s Curbside –Bacon, Egg and Cheese Empanadas

If you would like to see a description of each it was published a few weeks ago on

Fair enough. And thank you for intervening.

I did, a while ago, we’re talking steak. It’d be good for the board. Please add yours

Went to Baileys this weekend and had the Korean short ribs. Really great. I have to say, our waiter was not that great. We have had him before and he has a tendency to disappear. He takes the order and you never see him again. He does not check on the table, nothing. But, the other server (not ours) was great and did check on us and we never wanted for anything because there was always someone to ask. So, the service was really good - except for our server!!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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