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Hey W,

Bailey’s is one of the few that make their short rib this style versus braised. The first time it arrived at our table we discussed whether the server punched strip steak in the POS versus short rib. I looked at the menu at the door on the way out and saw the description and saw it was correct Too bad about the server, there is such a wide variability in FFD CTY., and can really make or break a fun evening if you let the bad get to you.

Definitely did not let the server spoil our night. As I said, the rest of the service was so good that it made up for his lack thereof. He also poured a short wine… Hate that!!

Ooooh, I hate that too Gwenn. My favorite memory is of Equus (before I knew stingy pours were all the rage and acceptable) and my reaction to hubby getting a short pour. I asked the server “ok, where is the rest of his wine?”. He gave him more. Yeah, I’ve heard the baloney about a certain amount of ounces or a bigger glass, but I got what I wanted in Villa Nova, and I get what I want in Silvio’s in Thornwood. Yup, another of my hot buttons.

As to servers, again my favorite story is the server at Gina Marie in Eastchester (since closed, happily), whom I asked NOT to bring my entree until I was done with my appetizer. You guess it, fork to mouth with my appetizer salad, and this idiot plops down my entree. Brought them back, came back with them, and I called over his manager. You guessed it, the manager said “you never told the server not to bring out your entree”. Of course, never went back. At the urging of relatives, we went to the new incarnation in CT, and it was okay, the bad server was nowhere to be seen.

But my current winner of bad service is the grumpy argumentative waiter at Dubrovnik. Horrid.

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Fish market.
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