Cryovac packaged frozen meats - one thawed, what do you consider "sell by" date?

I’ve been buying pork ribs presented as frozen Cryovac packaged meats. The meat department says they get them in and weigh/sticker/freeze that same morning. No “sell by” date because the typical ~ 10-14 days date for Cryovac packed pork wouldn’t apply.

I’m trying to figure out what my estimated sell by date should be once I’ve thawed such frozen-sold meats. I doubt it’s 10+ days but would like to think it’s a bit more than just 2 or 3.

Personally, I wouldnt be confident of it being more than 3 days.


I have anecdotal experience, but nothing scientific. On more than one occasion - twice, to be exact - I have frozen cryovac’d ribs, thawed them, then not been able to cook them for nine days and ten days, respectively due to changes in my schedule an inability to cook them when I originally planned. Both times they remained sealed until the day before the cook, at which point they were rubbed, refrigerated, and cooked the following day. They looked and smelled fine when raw, and were delicious after the cook. I don’t believe anybody got sick either time.

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Thanks Steve. This is what has happened to me this time. I thawed based on a given timeline then “stuff happened” and I had to adjust.