Crumbs and sweets, your making Jan - Feb 2022

Another year!! Looking forward for all the goodies you’ll be making this year: breads, cakes, cookies, confection, custards, gelatos, snacks…

:yum: :ice_cream: :cake: :cupcake: :moon_cake: :pancakes: :cake: :bread: :baguette_bread: :croissant: :candy: :cookie:

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Some cream puffs to start the new year!



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Really pretty too @Elsieb!

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I just acquired a new copy of Bravetart - Stella Parks. I am a novice baker and still wrapping my head around the sheer quantity of flour/butter/sugar/eggs that every recipe seems to use. That said, the books is highly regarded. I would love to hear your favorite dessert recipes from it that would be good for a beginner. I’m inclined to start with the blondies unless someone has a different suggestion. Until then, I am awaiting my amazon order with a bunch of the special ingredients that I didn’t have.

Hi Sasha. I’ve tried several of Stella Parks recipes from seriouseats with great results, though they can be complicated! I’d suggest that you take a look at the comments on Bravetart on - just looked, and there are 179 notes on various recipes from people who’ve tried them. I think that you can access those without a paid membership ( though it’s not expensive and a great resource). Happy baking!


That sounds overwhelming! Every time I choose one of her sweets I’m about to make, I realize there is some ingredient for it that I don’t have. The latest realization is coconut extract. But if I can find it at the store today, then I think I’m making her Italian wedding cookies tonight :slight_smile:

Not overwhelming at all! The comments are organized by recipe, very easy to use. I often turn to eatyourbooks when looking through a new cookbook to get some sense of what others have liked, what’s worked, what’s not worth the effort etc. Enjoy the cookies!

Creme caramel to use up excess egg yolks. Finally calibrated time and temp for MY OVEN to achieve totally smooth interior. Mine = 1hr20min @ 300F. Of course, this also depends on the size of your recipe and mold. But this worked for me.
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 6.18.18 PM
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 6.18.33 PM

On the light side, I had to beat husband off with a baseball bat yesterday afternoon when he tried to assure me that his serving himself a bowl of warm custard would have no effect on the the ten result…

Today, cold and unmolded, worth wait.


2022, amazing skills.

Comfort all the way.


That oven is amazing, looks handmade.

I wish they provided more details but they appear to use the oven inside and outdoors depending on the season.

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Haha. I had to find the coconut extract to make the Oreos from Bravetart. Sorry it’s not possible to virtually give you half my bottle:). The cookies were enjoyed by everyone. I’ve made other versions of Oreos and the frosting made the cookies go soft after a few days - Stella’s version stayed crisp.
I’ve made her chocolate layer cake many times. Pretty straightforward, all in one pot to mix.
Also made the red (wine) velvet cake. Good but it was the icing that I will def repeat.
Buy a quart of vanilla, 5 lbs of chocolate, and 5 lbs of butter and have fun baking!!

Had to laugh but you are dead on. The quantities! And so many separated eggs. I will have to keep tupperwares in my fridge at all times where I note only keep the whites and the yolks, but also notate how many in each.

Yes, and a 10 pound bag of sugar would be wise too! I have the book, and am impressed by it, yet I’ve made only one thing - the browned butter pecan sandies, and oh they were so fabulous! Makes a smallish batch, they’re easy, your kitchen will smell heavenly, and it’s difficult to stop eating them. I liked the way the recipe was written, thus I think the rest of the book will be similarly solid. However, both H land I thought they could be less sweet. I’ll cut the sugar by 1/4 cup next time. I can see it being a fun book for requests, or even family cooking projects. Enjoy.

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Thanks! I think today’s the day to take the plunge, and the recipe I picked is the cookies that the sandies are a variation of… the sandies looked delish, but we have to wait until we take our allergy one back to college mid month.

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Enjoy, and let us know how they turn out please.

BF made French Toast Casserole the other day using challah. We ended up having it for dessert but could have been breakfast with maple syrup poured over it!