Cranberry dehydrating

I will have some leftover cranberries. I also have a dehydrator. If I wanted to make some dried unsweetened cranberries, would I be able to do it successfully with the dehydrator? If so, what temp should I use?
Basically, if you’ve successfully dried cranberries in a warm-ir dehydrator, could yo please share with me how you did it?
Also, if you sweetened them, how did you do it?

I’ve done pitted sweet cherries and sweetened pomegranate arils in a very low convection oven using multi-use instructions I found on the internet. I’ll add them if I find them.

Perhaps way off, but here’s one I apparently used for oven dried cherries.


Great- thanks! I should have looked at the spruce eats first, but sometimes I disagree with them (harrumph, I say LOL). But they have a ton of good advice.
And yes, let me know if you find the method for dehydrating fruits in a convection oven. I’ve only used it to light the onions on the green bean casserole on fire one Thanksgiving. :woozy_face:

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This might be it.

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